A recent survey revealed that more than 40% of travelers in the United States cannot afford their dream vacation.

Skift Research polled 1,001 Americans and learned that 43% of them considered their dream vacation as “financially challenging to achieve.”

The survey cited higher costs of travel and general inflation as two contributing factors.

But there are ways to make travel more affordable, despite the rising costs. Here are four steps to take

Set A Budget

When planning a trip, setting and sticking to a budget can help travelers plan track, and control their expenses. A budget increases the likelihood of planning ahead, prioritizing the most important expenses, and avoiding unnecessary ones.

Budgets can also set standards for the vacation. If a person intends to spend $1,000 total between flight and hotel, a $600 flight means their accommodations might need to be changed, or vice versa. Budgeting also helps travelers to make decisions most within their means.

A budget helps to save money by planning travel that is most ideal and affordable for them.

Be Flexible

Being flexible can yield significant savings for travelers. Choosing travel dates based on the most cost-effective time can save hundreds on flights and accommodations.

Another aspect of flexibility involves taking advantage of time-limited travel deals. Keeping an eye out for deals, discounts, and promotions can help travelers save money on various aspects of their trip, such as flights, accommodations, activities, or transportation.

Websites like Going and Costco Travel each share travel deals that don’t last long but are often significantly lower than the typical cost.

Show Loyalty

Signing up for loyalty programs with airlines, hotels, or rental car companies can help travelers save money. Loyalty programs give points or rewards that can be redeemed for free or discounted travel in the future.

Loyalty programs also offer additional perks and benefits, like early check-in or late check-out at hotels; a free checked bag on airlines; and even free food, like breakfast or snacks at some accommodations.

Using loyalty programs can result in significant savings over time.

Try a Destination ‘Dupe’

Destination dupes can be a budget-friendly alternative for travelers looking to experience highly-popular or luxury destinations.

A destination dupe is a location that closely resembles or feels like another popular place. The similarity can reside in the physical looks of the destination, what it offers, or the overall atmosphere.

Travelers can save money with destinations dupes because they are often less popular, less crowded and have lower costs.