There’s a special wisdom that comes only with being a frequent traveler. Some of our favorite influencers shared advice that they believe every black traveler should know about going on an international adventure.

Hermon and Heroda: Be brave, travel, experience and live. Traveling with a friend, brother or sister is important. It makes for shared memories, a better appreciation of each other and a stronger relationship. It also provides a better understanding of the culture you are visiting and the breakdown of perceived barriers.

Cyn: Push beyond your comfort zone and unless you’re really private, talk to people. It’s so great to have those conversations where you learn from others and others learn from you. It becomes a true cultural exchange when you engage with not just the country, but its people.

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Gloria: While being black and abroad comes with its fair share of nuances, microaggressions, and racist encounters, please understand that those negative experiences are still in the minority. We are increasing our presence around the world as everyday tourists and some cultures that are closed-off to the outside world are finally starting to take notice. Though it is not your duty nor obligation to be explaining, teaching or debunking anything about black culture, you’ll find that it’s actually a pretty enlightening exchange, because more often than not, people are just fascinated by black people. I mean heck, we’re magical AF, so I’d be fascinated by us too!



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