In a remarkable twist of fate, an abandoned airplane in Costa Rica has taken on a different life as a unique luxury hotel suite. Costa Verde offers travelers an unparalleled experience in the heart of the Central American paradise. The brainchild of visionary entrepreneurs, this ambitious project has turned a forgotten aircraft into a one-of-a-kind accommodation. This unique hotel combines aviation history with opulent hospitality.

Hotel Costa Verde, nestled in Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Costa Rica, offers a range of unconventional accommodations. It includes the Boeing 727 fuselage suite, a restaurant carved from an airplane, and a “Cockpit Cottage” made from an Aéropostale aircraft. It also has a restaurant housed in a converted railroad car.

This architectural theme sets Hotel Costa Verde apart, providing guests with an extraordinary vacation experience. The Boeing 727 fuselage suite, for instance, offers an outdoor deck over each wing, providing breathtaking views of the jungle and the Pacific Ocean.

Inside the fuselage, guests find two air-conditioned bedrooms with three queen-sized beds and two bathrooms. The locally sourced teak paneling from tropical hardwood trees adds a touch of luxury. Original cabin windows in the bedrooms remind guests of the suite’s unique history.

727 Fuselage Luxury Home

In an interview with Insider, Faith Mulvihill, former flight attendant and owner of the 727 Fuselage home, shared that these unique facilities are the brainchild of Hotel Costa Verde owner Allan Templeton. He is a Yale graduate with a penchant for eccentric projects. Templeton’s latest endeavor involved transforming a plane from the Soviet Union into an event center for the resort.

The 727 fuselage suite is available for $807 a night from January through April 2024. Prices can vary outside of this period. If booked, Hotel Costa Verde offers alternative accommodations, such as the “Cockpit Cottage.” It is located about 100 meters away and accessible via a suspension bridge, providing a more secluded and romantic getaway.

A short distance away is the El Avion restaurant. It was crafted from a shot-down Fairchild C-123 airplane with a storied past linked to the Iran-Contra affair. Despite its history, El Avion, like the Boeing 727 home, has been reborn for a new purpose. It is enjoying retirement as a unique dining establishment.

Hotel Costa Verde’s commitment to repurposing aircraft and historical artifacts offers guests not just a place to stay but a chance to immerse themselves in a truly distinctive vacation, making the resort a standout destination for those seeking something beyond the ordinary.