7 Annoying Things Travelers Should Leave Behind in 2022
Photo Credit: pexels-cottonbro-studio

Photo Credit: pexels-cottonbro-studio

7 Annoying Things Travelers Should Leave Behind in 2022

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Dec 28, 2022

As we start a new year with new travel goals, there are some annoying things travelers should leave behind in 2022. Think about what annoys you while traveling. Chances are, they annoy other fellow passengers, too.

We’ve looked back at some of our viral stories, incidents, and our comment sections on social media to compile a list of annoying things travelers should leave behind in 2022.

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Cutting People To Disembark Upon Landing

There is nothing more annoying than the people who run to the front of the plane after landing because they don’t want to wait for everyone else in front of them.

Look, we’re sorry that you’re in the back. But, if we’re being honest, people in better or “preferred” seats paid for it.

So, if you’re not in rows 1-15, do us a favor and sit until the people in front of you have exited.

There are rare occasions when you have a 15-minute layover, so you may have to cut the line. But do us a favor and ask your fellow passengers.

Your Conversation On Speaker Phone

We know you’re happy to see your loved ones, but the rest of us don’t need to hear your conversation. What’s stopping you from putting in your headphones and keeping your conversation private?

Please, let’s keep those loud conversations, including the ones on Facetime and video chat in 2022.

Asking To Switch Seats With Someone Who Paid For Their Seat

Let’s leave the audacity of asking a person who paid for their seat to switch you. It isn’t polite, mainly because your fellow passenger probably paid for their seat.

Either cough up the bread for the seat you want, set your alarm on your phone to check in for your Southwest flight 24 hours in advance, or charge the loss to the game.


Bare Feet On Planes

No one should be that comfortable walking bare feet on a plane with all the germs and bacteria on the ground. Let’s leave that in 2022.

Can we also leave you putting your bare feet on someone’s armrest and personal space in 2022?

And if you’re asking yourself, is that even a thing? The answer is yes. In fact, we previously reported how one woman learned to respect someone’s personal space etiquette on a flight. Let’s just say ice on the toes will do the trick. Read more about the shenanigans here.


Not Wearing A Mask When Your Sick

Even though mask restrictions have become lax in airports and planes, can we leave spreading germs when you’re knowingly sick in 2022, please?

Let’s also leave you acting surprised when people give you the death stare for hacking up a lung and those wet uncovered sneezes. Just mask up if you’re sick.

Arguing With TSA and Airport Staff

As the number of unruly passengers increases, let’s leave the bad attitudes and disrespect in 2022.

Traveling can be a lot for everyone, and there are some annoyances that none of us can avoid.  Let’s work on being friendly and respectful, especially because that disrespect can delay us all.

Shocked To See Black People In First Class

This one is for passengers and airline staff alike. We can’t believe we have even put this one on the list, but unfortunately, it’s something we’ve reported on a few times this year.

Can we please stop acting like Black people can’t afford luxury? Stop asking if we’re in the right seat and stop asking to see our tickets to confirm we’re boarding in the right group when you see us in first class.

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