Ice, Ice, Baby! Repulsed Passenger Teaches Woman A Lesson In Etiquette
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Ice, Ice, Baby! Repulsed Passenger Teaches Woman A Lesson In Etiquette

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Dec 2, 2022

Flying on a plane is stressful enough, but imagine somebody putting their bare, funky feet in your space. Oy! A woman named Ixamar on TikTok shared her experience with a passenger who had no concept of personal space.

While sitting in economy, Ixamar looks simultaneously horrified and disgusted, even with a mask covering half her face. Her camera cuts to a woman’s manicured feet propped up on her armrest.

What’s worse, Ixamar said in the comments section that the feet smelled bad. “My poor seat neighbor was gagging!” she wrote.

She handled the situation in a comedic way.

Ixamar Taught The Woman A Lesson

Armrests aren’t for feet- a lesson the woman eventually learned in a shocking way.

Womenio explained, “fortunately, Ixamar knew exactly how to set boundaries on this chaotic flight – she takes an ice cube out of her drink as the narrator says, ‘It was tiny but mighty.'”

The Woman Pulled Her Feet Back

After Ixamar slid the ice cube towards the woman’s feet, the issue was solved.

The camera cut back to Ixamar’s face, and her smile behind the mask is evident.

The narration says, “It worked!”

Tik Tok Users Sided With Ixamar

Most people would agree that putting your bare feet up on an airplane, whether they are manicured or not, is gross.

TikTok users went off.

The Nice Realtor said, “I saw someone pretend to sneeze and flick water on someone’s armrest foot once. The foot person was horrified.”


Chelsea said, “this happened to me and I wish I handled it better, but I panicked and slammed it with my book.”

Jop wrote straight facts: “this pandemic has made ppl forget how to act in public I stg.”

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