Georgia's 6-Year-Old Black Farmer Will Soon Teach Agriculture Via New YouTube Series
Photo Credit: Children and Nature Network

Photo Credit: Children and Nature Network

Georgia's 6-Year-Old Black Farmer Will Soon Teach Agriculture Via New YouTube Series

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Oct 12, 2021

Georgia native, Kendall Rae Johnson, has been into agriculture since she was a toddler, making her the youngest Black farmer in the US.

At only 6 years old, she is Georgia’s youngest certified farmer with larger farm-to-table dreams to inspire her kid peers. Recently, she and her parent’s created a GoFundMe with a goal of raising $10,000 for their thriving home garden. The donations will help Kendall and her family construct an irrigation system and more growing boxes for harvesting opportunities.

Ultimately, all of these agricultural additions will enhance Kendall’s fresh produce and manifest her inspiring endeavors. Johnson is building a farming community for her friends to play and learn how to grow fruits and vegetables together.

The young Black farmer is now hosting her own YouTube show alongside Georgia Grown chef, Olivia Radar. The power-duo will be showing off how they harvest produce and turn their garden’s crops into home-cooked, delicious meals.

The channel’s first episodes will premiere on Wednesday, October 3.


Kendall Rae Johnson’s aGROWKulture platform combines the importance of agriculture and Black culture together. She is introducing more representation for Black youth who may be interested in farming, harvesting, and growing their produce. The kid and family series will focus on baking and cooking from your own garden’s resources for natural ingredients.

According to the young Black farmer’s website, she learned the power of produce from her great-grandmother, Laura “Kate” Williams. They would often re-plant vegetable stems to bring to life some of her favorite produce, like collard greens.

At 3 years old, she had an undeniable interest in harvesting these crops in her grandmother’s small outdoor patio. Johnson was utterly enamored by seeing tiny seeds becoming fully-grown produce that her family would use to cook homemade meals. Kendall started growing her own crops at 4 years old after her parents built a garden bed in their home.

She wants to make gardening more appealing so her local community can invite more people into her fun garden world. The YouTube channel will help provide more expertise to those who think gardening is a complicated activity.

Kendall Rae knows if she can do it at 6 years old, she can inspire others to do the same. The aGROWKulture farm is a community space where families can learn about the significance of growing their own produce. Of course, Kendall Rae Johnson is going to teach through engaging games and activities led by her and her family.

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