Enjoy this upcoming summer vacation with your family in the Caribbean. It’s the perfect opportunity to travel, make memories and love on your family members. 

When choosing the Caribbean island to visit, things like budgets and safety are major determining factors. Some islands may not be as family-friendly as others. 

This is why we’ve come up with a list of the safest Caribbean islands for family vacations, making it easier to plan your next trip with your loved ones. 


Anguilla is considered to be one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, with low crime rates and the lowest drug-related offenses. 

There has been a surge in villas which offer private balconies for families and private pools — perfect for a quiet family vacation. 

The island has lots of child-friendly activities like swimming with dolphins, horseback riding and riding on a glass-bottom boat to see marine life. 

To avoid hurricane season and to get the best rates, travel between May and August. 


Not only is Barbados a very safe island to visit, but it’s also extremely budget-friendly, especially for family vacations. 

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From the family-friendly beaches with pink sands and turquoise water to the delicious flying fish dish, Barbados has got something to please every member of your family. 

St. Barts

Visiting St. Barts can be quite expensive, but it’s an extremely safe island and perfect for travel between November and June. 

Although pricey, it’s a great place for families who love luxury travel. 

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The largest island in the BVI is Tortola and it’s also one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. 

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You can spend time with your family laying out in the sun or participating in one of its many aquatic activities while taking in the stunning views. 

Turks And Caicos

Compared to other countries, Turks and Caicos has very low crime rates. It also has low chances of getting a hurricane and amazing weather. 

You and your family can enjoy the beautiful beaches, weather, and vibe of this amazing country.