5 Pieces Of Advice For Black Expats Who Are About To Make The Move
Photo Credit: Daniel Adesina | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Daniel Adesina | Unsplash

5 Pieces Of Advice For Black Expats Who Are About To Make The Move

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Sep 12, 2019

Moving abroad is a thrilling adventure for anyone. The idea of starting a new life where the rewards will outweigh the challenges may have sparked a new level of excitement in your life.  Keep in mind that a move abroad means settling into a new lifestyle for the long-haul. Here is some advice as you step into this new chapter.

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Learn the Language

It’s always good to have at least a strong base of the local language. Fluency is not needed, but your transition into the community and culture will be much easier if you can communicate at some level. Locals will also greatly respect your efforts. Start learning the language before you leave so it’s not so overwhelming when you get there.

Find Your Community

One of the keys to success in moving abroad is to find your local tribe. A mixture of other expats and locals that can become your support system through the ups and downs. There are plenty of online resources for connecting travelers and expats. Do your research and connect with people before arrive. Signing up for local classes is also a great way to meet people.

Stay Up To Date

Some governments may be more volatile than others, but no matter where you move, it’s important to stay informed on the local politics and news. Know the areas that are safe and welcoming to black people and the areas that are not. Educate yourself on the overall climate of your new home so you don’t unknowingly walk into any potentially dangerous situations

Travel Often

The first few months will be mostly focused on settling into your new home and community. But make plans ahead of time to travel and visit neighboring countries and neighborhoods. Now’s the time to make travel a priority.

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Be Open And Adaptable

You may have an image in your mind of what this move will look like, what your day-to-day will be, and how this experience will change you. However, be open and adaptable to the reality of what happens next in your journey. It may not be exactly how you imagined, and that’s fine. Leave room for the unexpected and the possibility that this journey is setting you on a new path that you could have never even imagined.

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