Written by Sharine Taylor

There’s no better way to experience a destination than through recommendations from locals. And if you’re going to Jamaica, there’s nuff tings fi choose from. First, it’s absolutely okay to visit the ‘other’ parts of Jamaica. Don’t get me wrong, the North coast and specifically Montego Bay is usually the first choice for folks who simply want to kick back and relax, and that’s okay, but if you want to explore Jamaica outside of the resorts, these five bloggers and vloggers have you covered.


DownDiRoad is the Jamaican’s guide to Jamaica. If you want to know about the latest music, culture and food events or have-to-go places around the Land of Wood and Water, DownDiRoad is your go to! Plus, you can check out their curated content through their coverage of live events via #ddrLive or the latest and greatest, up to di times coverage of Jamaica carnival and soca season via #chippinDDR.

Your Travelling Pen

One of the biggest barriers to travel is cost and accessibility but the Your Travelling Pen team, consisting of partners Denille Rene and Jevon Williams (aka Jev Journalist), are all about showcasing how to get to know Jamaica better while on a budget. Do we stan keeping a few likkle dollars in our pocket? Absolutely.

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It’s a straight #YaadPeopleTing with Yaadments creators Sean and Devonie Henry. The vloggers noticed that the reviews of and about Jamaica-branded products were often made by people overseas, so with an aim to bring it back home, they launched their YouTube channel, exploring the vast array of food selections and exciting sites around the island.

Where’s The Food, Jo?

If you’re looking for delicious and aesthetically-pleasing food recommendations, Jo should be your go-to. No matter what dietary restrictions you have, there’s something for everybody and Jo’s probably tasted it. Once there, check out their Chive’s Chickpeas and Black Bean Tostones burger or you can opt for Ital—the sacred, natural, organic, additive-less, preservative-less cuisine of Rastafari—through Ital Vegan GoddessCurried Tofu and Jerusalem Rice and Peas.

Simply Local Life

Jhunelle appreciates the simple things through her blog, Simply Local Life. If you need to know where to swim, stay or eat, she has plenty of reviews and footage to assist (also exclusive discounts for some of those very same places!) No matter what part of Jamaica you’ll find yourself in, Jhunelle breaks down any and everyting through by the country’s parishes. Plus, her e-magazine makes it easy to keep up as well!