5 Black-Owned Sunscreen Brands To Protect Your Melanin This Summer
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

5 Black-Owned Sunscreen Brands To Protect Your Melanin This Summer

Danielle Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey Jun 3, 2019

Summer is upon us and calendars are quickly becoming crowded with beach trips, vacations, and outdoor adventures that put us directly under the vitalizing force that is our sun. While melanin offers an extra layer of protection, everyone can benefit from healthy habits that preserve our largest organ — the skin.

Here are five products from Black-owned brands that offer sun protection without leaving an undesirable film:

Unsun – Tinted mineral sunscreen with SPF 30

Unsun is a Black woman-owned brand created by Katonya Breaux and made especially for people of all complexions, from fair to dark chocolate. Mineral sunscreen offers a host of benefits, but is one of the main culprits when it comes to leaving a white or gray film on dark skin. Unsun is a mineral sunscreen that is specially formulated to blend evenly on the skin and contains natural ingredients such as vitamin E, coconut oil, shea butter, and a variety of fruit extracts. These substances offer protection while keeping the skin moisturized.

Black Girl Sunscreen – SPF 30

Black Girl Sunscreen is exactly what it sounds like — sun protection created by a Black woman for Black women. This everyday sunscreen is paraben-free and packed full of natural ingredients that protect the skin and double as a moisturizing lotion. It dries clear and acts as the perfect primer before applying makeup and can be used before any outdoor activity.

Black Girl Sunscreen also offer a stronger, all-day sunscreen for kids.

My Butter Bar – Melan-in Skin Nourishing with “MPF”

Natural UV absorption is especially beneficial to people with melanin skin and My Butter Bar’s Melan-in Skin Nourishing lotion offers this additional factor (they call it MPF — melanin protection factor) without the chemical agents often found in big-name brands. This 4-in-1 moisturizer promises to add a glow and instant vitamin boost to your body care regime with a 100% plant-based serum that offers moisture, antiaging, UV protection, and skin evening benefits. This gentle formula is a great option for those with acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Alaffia Coconut Face Lotion – SPF 15  

Founded in 2003, Alaffia is a social enterprise that creates products that empower African communities through the advancement of Fair Trade, education, sustainable living and gender equality. Their light, fast-absorbing lotion with ethically traded virgin coconut oil provides moisture and broad-spectrum UV protection (SPF 15). Suitable for all skin types, this facial moisturizer packs an additional punch by protecting the skin from free radicals with antioxidant-rich neem and papaya extracts. It’s a great SPF moisturizer in the winter, but should be paired with additional sun protection measures in the summer.

Bolden SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer

Bolden is a Black-woman owned business that’s committed to making beauty products that really work well for women of color. Their Brightening Moisturizer with 30 SPF combines advanced ingredients with broad-spectrum sunscreen to visibly improve the look and feel of skin. Nourishing moisturizers and robust antioxidants combine to restore hydration and radiance while SPF 30 sunscreen guards against UV damage. Vitamin C helps to correct age spots and counteract daily oxidative damage. The moisturizer promises a sulfate- and paraben-free formula, which might explain why the product is currently sold out. Click here to request to be notified when it’s back in stock.

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