3 Ways Chase Bank Can Help You Save Money On Travels
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

3 Ways Chase Bank Can Help You Save Money On Travels

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Dominique Jackson
Dominique Jackson Dec 28, 2022

As the holidays get closer, some of our gifts for family and friends may still be in our “thoughts and prayers.” In addition, many travelers might be looking to take a last-minute vacation. For either scenario, budgeting will be key to ensuring you ring in the new year positively. 

According to a PWC report, 46% of travelers plan to fly this holiday season and spend an average of $2,441. To ensure a smooth holiday with less stress, check out how these digital banking tools from Chase Bank can help. 

Track Your Spending

Keeping track of how much you’re spending can help you see where you can cut back to save for the big trip. Chase’s Snapshot feature gives you automated daily insight into spending, earning, saving, and more. Use the easy-to-digest overview to help you stay on track and keep your objectives within reach.

Create a Trip Fund

Plane tickets, hotels, souvenirs, excursions, and gifts can quickly add up to a hefty sum. But with some advanced planning, you can map out your anticipated expenses and set savings goals. Chase customers can set customized, automatic transfers from their checking to savings account via Autosave to help build funds ahead of the trip.

Split the Bill with Ease

Quickly and easily split the cost of plane tickets, hotels, and meals hassle-free with your go-to payment app, like Zelle. Send receipt money from anyone with a U.S. bank account. You can start splitting immediately without worrying about tracking down friends to pay you back.

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