What’s better than laying out on the beach, getting a tan, and listening to your favorite playlist while sipping on a cocktail?

Vacationing on the beach is the ultimate way to let your hair down and just enjoy life.  The Caribbean has an array of beaches to choose from, whether you prefer soft white sands, calm waters, jet black sands, or even pounding waters. 

We love Caribbean beaches so much that it would only be right to share 25 of the best beaches in the Caribbean with you. Check them out below.

Eagle Beach – Aruba

Eagle Beach is the widest beach on the island and has beautiful white sand and striking blue water. The beach is home to the divi-divi tree, popular amongst photographers when they visit. 


Depending on when you visit, you may get to see turtles hatchlings making their way to the sea. 

Pink Beach – Barbuda

You may know Barbuda to be the sister island to Antigua but it’s also the home of Pink Beach. This beach is 17 miles of soft sands and naturally decorated with crushed pink shells. 


Since the seashells are churned up from the sea, the sand becomes softer and pinker after storms. 

The Baths – British Virgin Islands

Here you will find The Baths National Park, consisting of volcanic eruptions. The giant boulder, known as batholiths, is the result of the eruptions that happened in the area. 


You can venture through the gigantic rocks and swim in the shallow pools, made by ocean waves. 

Mero Beach – Dominica

Dominica, known as “The Nature Island” has 365 rivers but it should be noted that they also have an epic beach. Mero Beach has silvery-grey sand and warm, calm waters. 


Grande Anse Beach – Grenada

This two-mile beach is filled with beautiful white sand, sea grape trees and an amazing view of the capital city, St. George’s. 


Negril Beach – Jamaica

Negril Beach is also known as Seven Mile Beach and is located along the western tip of the island. With soft white sands and gentle waters, Negril Beach is the finest beach in Jamaica. 


Shoal Bay – Antigua

Antigua has 33 beaches but Shoal Bay is the best of them all. The white-sand beach is two miles long and has shallow blue waters, perfect for families 


Pink Sand Beach – Bahamas

There are millions of crushed bits of shells, corals and native organisms to the reefs off the Atlantic Ocean that give the sand it’s pink tint. The sand remains cool, so you can walk barefoot on it without burning your feet. 


Horseshoe Bay Beach – Bermuda

This beach gets its name because it’s shaped like a horseshoe. The pink-tinted sand and clear waters are bordered by limestone cliffs. The waters are shallow and family-friendly and during the first week of August, the beach becomes the host of BeachFest — a huge party with music, food, drinks, and games.


Seven Mile Beach – Cayman Islands

The Cayman Island’s Seven Mile Beach has been named one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The beach is a little over six miles long and is absolutely stunning!


Playa Grande – Dominican Republic

Located on the northern coast between Rio San Juan and Cabrera is Playa Grande. This beach boasts golden sands, calm waters, and sightings of sea turtles and seahorses.


Plage de Grande Anse – Guadeloupe

This beach can get quite crowded because it is the largest and most beautiful beach in Guadeloupe. The waves are high and break close to shore, making it perfect for surfing. 


Grande Anse des Salines – Martinique

Located near the southern tip of Martinique, is the white-sand beach of Grande Anse des Salines. The water is shallow, calm and perfect for families.


Pinney’s Beach – St. Kitts and Nevis

Pinney’s Beach is the most popular beach in St. Kitts and Nevis. The beach has beautiful golden sand and is surrounded by palm trees on one side while the other side offers views of clear blue seas. 


Mullet Bay Beach – St. Maarten

Even after the recent hurricane hit the island, Mullet Bay Beach remains inviting to travelers with its soft white sands and super clear waters. The beach is never overly crowded and perfect for swimming.


Englishman’s Bay Beach – Tobago

Tobago, the sister island to Trinidad, has gorgeous white-sand beaches and Englishman’s Bay Beach is one of them. This mile-long beach is bordered by tropical rain forest and is perfect for swimming. You may even spot a porpoise or barracuda while swimming. 


Trunk Bay Beach – U.S. Virgin Islands

Located on St. John, Trunk Bay Beach is the highlight of Virgin Islands National Park. The waters range from being translucent to richly blue and are surrounded by lush greenery. You can also take a self-guided underwater trail to explore coral formations. 


Half Moon Bay – Turks and Caicos Islands

The water on Half Moon Bay glistens along the sand that resembles sugar. The beach is located between Little Water Cay and Water Cay, two uninhabited islands of Turks and Caicos. 


Tobago Cays – St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Tobago Cays is made up of five tiny, uninhabited islands in southern Grenadines. You can visit the Tobago Cays Marine Park to see wildlife and learn more about biodiversity. There are beautiful white-sand beaches on every one of the five cays and they’re all perfect for swimming. 


Reduit Beach – Saint Lucia

Located in Rodney Bay Village in northern Saint Lucia, Reduit Beach is a long strand of golden sand and the focal point of the area. There is a water-sports park and obstacle course located on the north end of the beach, perfect for families. 


Zeelandia Beach – St. Eustatius

Zeelandia Beach has black sand and offers an epic view of the island’s dormant volcano, The Quill. While on the beach, you may come across blue glass beads, a hard-to-come-by bead that the island is known for. 


Playa Flamenco – Puerto Rico

Located on the northern shore of Culebra is the most esteemed beach in Puerto Rico, Playa Flamenco. The waters are turquoise and the sand is pure white.


Rendezvous Bay Beach – Montserrat

This remote beach is located on the northeast coast of Montserrat and is only accessible by boat, kayak or a 30-minute hike. The reef has an exciting marine life and is ideal for snorkeling. 


Sorobon Beach – Bonaire

Located on the southern part of Lac Bay is the beautiful white-sand beach of Sorobon. The clear water is pretty shallow and is perfect for beginner surfers. 


Playa Porto Mari – Curaçao

An interesting fact about his beach is it is part of Plantages PortoMari, a private plantation on the west coast of Curaçao. It is an awesome beach for snorkeling and diving because of it’s double reef which is accessible from shore.