Before you book your next trip, check out these hotel secrets that can help you save money, time, and improve your overall travel experience.

The Best Way To Bargain

Skip the 1-800 numbers and call the hotel directly for a higher chance of getting a discount. According to, hotels can pay a commission of up to 30 percent to online hotel booking sites, so there is a good chance that if you negotiate a 20 percent discount on the online price, the hotel will work with you. Independent or boutique hotels, rather than the larger chains are also much more likely to offer you a bargain.

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Get An Upgrade

You’re much more likely to get a room upgrade if you request it in private where other guests can’t hear the conversation. Another secret for getting a larger room without paying more money is to request a corner room.

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The Best Time To Call

Don’t call between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. with a special request like a room upgrade or early check-in. If you call during check-in time, chances are that the front desk is overwhelmed with guests, and they will be much less patient with your requests. Call when things are less hectic and you will probably get the response you want.

Request Clean Linens

Here’s one that may make your stomach churn. Although sheets are washed every day, blankets are only washed once a week and the bedspreads are only washed if there are visible stains. You can make the request to have all of the linens washed before you check in if that current cleaning schedule doesn’t sit well with you.

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Frequent Travelers Get Better Deals

If you travel often for work or recreation, make sure you stick with the same hotel or even hotel chain. Hotels will often reward frequent guests with VIP treatment. Get to know the staff, especially those working the check-in desk, so they recognize you the next time you call to book a room.

Tipping Is Not Dead

Most housekeepers are paid minimum wage and for only about $10 an hour, they are expected to handle everything from running errands to cleaning toilets. Tip your housekeeper each day that your room is cleaned. The kindness will be returned.