Enjoy These Off-The-Grid Hotels When You Need To Unplug
Photo Credit: Jasmin Merdan | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Jasmin Merdan | Getty Images

Enjoy These Off-The-Grid Hotels When You Need To Unplug

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Jan 21, 2020

Sometimes you need a real escape. A getaway where text messages and work emails can’t reach you and your ‘to-do’ list feels like it is a million miles away. In celebration of National Day of Unplugging, here are some of the most off-the-grid hotels in the world that promise a true connection to nature with a golden touch of silence.

The Alphonse – Seychelles

The Alphonse atoll group is considered one of the most pristine, untouched Edens of the world, making it a nature lover’s paradise. The magnificent island threesome comprising Alphonse, St. Francois, and Bijoutier lies in the very heart of the Indian Ocean as part of the Seychelles off the eastern coast of Africa. The private island resort has no Wi-Fi and spotty cell phone service offering the perfect excuse for missed calls while you lay on the beach. Accommodations include 22 private bungalows and five suites, each equipped with private bicycles, outdoor showers, and easy access to the most stunning remote beaches in the world.

Photo via alphonse-island.com

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Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur, California

Post Ranch Inn is a 39-room boutique hotel located on the rugged cliffs of the Pacific coastline. The hotel takes your need to unplug very seriously. You won’t find any alarm clocks or televisions in the rooms, a conscious decision made by the hotel staff to help you relax.  Spend your afternoons walking along the beach and your evenings stargazing with a professional astronomer.

Photo via postranchinn.com

Petite St. Vincent – St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean

What makes this tiny island getaway so ideal is that it’s very difficult to reach. A flight to Barbados, then one to Union Island, and finally, a boat ride is what it takes to reach this little-known island in the Caribbean. But it’s worth the trip if you are looking for the perfect no locks, no clocks, no TVs, and no wireless vacation. Petite St. Vincent offers 22 simple waterfront cottages and the promise of peace and tranquility.

Photo via petitstvincent.com

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Bahia Bustamante – Patagonia, Argentina

There’s no cell phone service, no TV’s, and electricity is only available in the evenings. If you are looking for a trip that will take you back to nature and simpler times, Bahia Bustamante is it.  Spend your day away from screens and hectic schedules while enjoying the rich biodiversity that surrounds you from beaches to farmland. The grounds around the hotel are full of wildlife including sea lions, rare birds, armadillos, and guanacos creating a nature lover’s paradise.

Photo via bahiabustamante.com

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