10 Cool Things To Do In The Big Apple
Photo Credit: ahundt

Photo Credit: ahundt

10 Cool Things To Do In The Big Apple

New York , United States
Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Aug 10, 2022

New York City is the place where dreams come true. Well, at least that’s what they told us in the movies. Either way, most millennials have a fantasy version of the Big Apple in their head they can’t seem to escape. Whether it’s a magical place or not, New York City definitely has a mystical allure that keeps travelers flocking there year-round from all over the world. 

If you’ve been to New York before or if you’re exhausted with tourist attractions, there is a plethora of activities, exhibits, parks, and restaurants to explore. Outside of the typical New York attractions, the city has a lot more to offer if you know where to look. Here’s a list of 10 chic things to do in the Big Apple the next time you visit.

1. Get Lost In The Flowers At PHD Terrace


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Located at the top of the Dream Hotel Midtown, PHD Terrace is the all-season rooftop you need to visit before the end of the summer. The rooftop oasis provides a panoramic view of Manhattan and Times Square while serving up amazing food and drinks. The restaurant also has an incredible flower tunnel that is unique and perfect for IG photos. The tunnel is a part of their Daisy Dreaming installation featuring over 5,000 daisies and greenery.

PHD Terrace is definitely the refined rooftop experience and is open year-round with enclosed terraces during the cold months. The Daisy Dreaming flower tunnel will be on display at the restaurant until September 2022.

2. Explore New York’s Secret Waterfalls

There are a ton of secret and hidden waterfalls tucked away throughout New York City. Most wouldn’t expect to find these natural wonders in a concrete jungle. Yet sure enough, you’ll find more than one waterfall in the Big Apple if you know where to look.

The mini plexiglass waterfall tunnel is an industrial wonder tucked away between buildings at 142 W. 49th Street. You can walk through the tunnel as the waterfall pours all around you. The waterfall in Greenacre Park is also a nice, quiet vibe hidden away in Midtown.

You’ll be surprised where you’ll find a beautiful waterfall flowing in the city. Here’s a list showing you exactly where to find them. 

3. Learn About Earth At Arcadia


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If you want to journey into the multiverse, head over to Arcadia Earth on your next trip to NYC. Arcadia is an interactive storytelling platform designed to educate guests on the planet Earth. This immersive, augmented reality experience takes you underwater, through mystical lands, and artistic installments created to address environmental issues plaguing the planet.

Guests learn how the things they do each day impact the Earth through virtual reality, projection mapping, and other interactive activities. General admission to Arcadia Earth is $39 plus additional fees. 

4. Get Imaginative At Summit One


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Folks all over the city have been excited about SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. The space is New York City’s newest observatory deck and many consider it the “world’s most immersive observatory experience.“

There’s so much to see and do in SUMMIT One and it’s become of travelers’ most Instagrammable spots. The entire exhibit is a rollercoaster ride through your imagination. The newest installment AIR from artist Kenzo Digital is a true wonder with silver balloon-like objects floating through the 100-foot space. SUMMIT One is full of light and energy so you’ll definitely want to make your way here during your visit to NYC.

5. Get Your Steps In At High Line


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One of our favorite parks in New York City, the High Line, is the perfect place to wander. There are plenty of tunnels, walkways, and plants to see on a stroll through this park. Many people come here to watch the sunset or to set up an afternoon picnic.

There are a ton of magical spots in the park including the Gansevoort Woodland, a dramatic balcony near the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the 14th Street Passage. 

6. Explore An Exhibit At Artechouse


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Artechouse is the intersection of art, science, and technology. Since its creation, the exhibit has remained dedicated to the curation and creation of experimental art. Artechouse is a trendsetter in the art world and constantly pushes the limits with its exhibits.

Its mission is to always push the boundaries when it comes to art and guests can immediately feel the creative vibes as soon as they walk into the building. Artechouse has locations in New York, Miami Beach, and Washington, DC.

7. Fall In Love With Chocolate At Max Brenner

Known for its delicious chocolates, Max Brenner has two locations in NYC–one in Times Square and another in Union Square. This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth. The restaurant has both food and dessert options, so this may be a good spot to stop through for lunch while visiting the city.

We love their sweet waffles decked out with chocolate, hazelnut, and strawberries and cream. Max Brenner is open seven days a week and many travelers suggest making a reservation if you plan on dining in. 

8. Snag A Hole In One At Pier 25


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Once you’re done exploring museums and eating chocolate-filled desserts at Max Brenner, take some time to hang out along the Hudson River at Pier 25. The pier has Manhattan’s only 18-hole miniature golf course so there’s fun for the entire family.

There are volleyball courts, a playground with water features, and a snack bar. There’s also a turf field so you and your friends can get a game of flag football going before heading back to the hotel. Pier 25 also offers amazing views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, so if you don’t feel like playing golf, you can always just chill out riverside.

9. Lose Yourself In The Color Factory


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The Color Factory has a few locations across the US and each one gives back to the city it is in. The New York City space is no different as they work with local artists and art institutions to create mind-blowing exhibits. The unique designs and elements throughout the Color Factor invite guests to reimagine reality and expand their boundaries of perception. It truly is an artistic wonder.

Hoping to introduce more joy and color into the lives of its guests, the Color Factory is a must-visit on any trip to the Big Apple. They also have a gigantic ball pit you can jump in that fills you with nostalgic goodness.

10. Play A Million Board Games At Uncommons


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Manhattan’s first board game cafe, Uncommons is a cool spot to visit to tap into your inner childhood gamer. The cafe takes you back to a simpler time before video games when Monopoly and Clue ruled supreme.

Uncommons can fit up to 65 guests and they have endless coffee and beer options to choose from. They even serve food, so you could spend a few hours here snacking and beating all your friends in your favorite games. 

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