New World of Barbie Attraction Immerses Guests in the Ultimate Dreamlife Experience
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

New World of Barbie Attraction Immerses Guests in the Ultimate Dreamlife Experience

Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Jun 3, 2022

If you’re looking to teleport back to childhood and explore a world where anything is possible, the new World of Barbie attraction needs to be on your bucket list this summer. An immersive, interactive experience that’s the backdrop for Barbie girls and boys around the world, this new exhibit serves all the nostalgic and imaginative goodness you need to feel the good vibes only fun and creativity could create. 

Created by Mattel Inc. and Kilburn Live, the World of Barbie is a deep dive into the lifestyle of the iconic doll figure. Guests will be able to experience a variety of curated activities including walking through a lifesize Barbie Dreamhouse and getting behind the wheel of Barbie’s camper, designed by West Coast Customs. They can also lounge in a hammock and discover hidden compartments and gems throughout the vehicle. 

If fashion is what you crave, you can strike a pose behind one of three giant Barbie doll boxes or you can play news anchor on “The Barbie Show” and execute your own broadcast with new stories and the daily forecast. Each activity was specifically designed to create a real-life, fantasy experience that leaves visitors smiling and full of youthful delight. 

World of Barbie
Rendering of Barbie’s Dreamhouse courtesy of World of Barbie Mattel Inc. & Kilburn Live.

“With this exquisitely designed attraction we were intentional about delivering an exciting experience that would leave younger fans with the sense that they could do anything or be anything,” Julie Freeland, Senior Director of Location Based Entertainment at Mattel told Fox. “And, for those who grew up with Barbie, we wanted to spark a little bit of nostalgia, give these fans a chance to step back, re-invent themselves, if only for an afternoon, and spend a day in the Dream Life!” 

The World of Barbie has a little bit of everything for those who still find themselves swept away in a daydream or who still find fun in imagining the impossible. Guests can visit the Barbie Cafe and walk through an exhibit detailing the history of Barbie, taking visitors from the dolls premiere in 1959 through its evolution as American toys and culture changed. The exhibit will also feature a space center where visitors can embody their inner Space Barbie and pretend they’re soaring among the stars. 

World of Barbie
Rendering of the inside of Barbie’s camper courtesy of World of Barbie Mattel Inc. & Kilburn Live.

“Barbie is as relevant today as she was when she was first introduced to the world 63 years ago, if not more,” said Kilburn CEO Mark Manuel to Fox. “I watched my daughter live and play in her world, I believe it helped shape her sharp and lively imagination, just like it has for millions of other children growing up. So there were a lot of reasons we needed to get this right.”

This summer, the World of Barbie exhibit will begin its tour in Toronto, Canada. Tickets go on sale on June 17 and you can join the presale sign-up list on their website. The attraction will also be stopping in New York, Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. They plan on adding more cities to the tour after its first stop.

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