10 Black Travelers Who Are Killing It On Instagram

By Shontel Horne


Instagram is in Travel Noire’s DNA. The Travel Noire community was built on social media, and our movement has helped us reach and unite people all over the world with our hashtag, #TravelNoire.


While we continue to inspire followers from every corner of the globe, we also want to show love to the travelers on Instagram that inspire us to always travel a little farther and deeper. These travelers, bloggers and photographers aren’t just doing it for the ‘gram. They’re exploring the world, capturing gorgeous photos and inspiring followers everywhere to pack their bags and go exploring, and they’re doing it one post at a time.




Gloria is a travel blogger and documents her adventures both on Instagram and on her site, The Blog Abroad.




From the Great Wall to Brooklyn, Nana Wallace makes every location he visits look magical.




Every picture from Eritrean and Ethiopian twins and fashion/travel bloggers Hermon and Heroda Berhane are #goals.


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Lee Litumbe is a professional traveler, photographer and storyteller who also happens to always look flawless whether she’s in the desert or on a desert island.




• Sassy chic • 📷 Dany

A post shared by Mamy Tall (@mamytall) on  

Mamy Tall is an architect, designer and photographer who shows locations like Dakar and Mali in a beautiful, majestic way.




James Roundtree is a travel photographer by trade, so it’s no surprise that his photos are perfection.




A post shared by Asiyami Gold (@asiyami_gold) on

If you’ve spent more than five minutes on Instagram, then you’ve definitely come across one of Asiyami “Gold” Wekulom’s breathtaking photos. Everything she posts really is gold.




Parce qu’il y a des lieux qui nous poussent au calme et le contemplation…

A post shared by Jibril Ows (@_jibraeel_) on

Jibril Ows always seems to be on a remote beach or in a picturesque city. His images, often focusing on nature, almost make you feel like you’re along for the ride.




Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones? #dappergetaway 📸 @xxjmitch

A post shared by Dapper Lou (@dapperlou) on

Dapper Lou’s account is the work of a professional Creative Director, and it shows. The colors are rich and vibrant, and the locations are almost too beautiful to be true.




|Memories of Aswan|

A post shared by Sarah Waiswa (@lafrohemien) on

Sarah Waiswa is a Kenya-based creator who highlights the beauty, tones and textures of Africa and beyond.

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