Just before the start of the fifth and final season of Molly and Issa’s friendship on HBO’s Insecure, Yvonne Orji decided to take her own ‘Eat Pray Love’ journey to rejuvenate. The proud Nigerian actress is no stranger to traveling the world, and has taken fans back to her homeland a few times.

But, this trip was different.

The actress spent time in Italy and Morocco, and she didn’t hold back on the details and how each location made her feel.


While we don’t know the exact dates from the trip, according to her Instagram account, Yvonne Orji started in Portofino, Italy.

In the first caption from her journey, she revealed:

“It’s official, Portofino has my heart. I immediately felt the romance in the air as soon as I got to the @belmondhotelsplendido,” sharing the hotel that she stayed in while there.

The Splendido hotel features stunning views of the Italian Riviera, tons of IG-worthy photo ops, and an iconic in-house restaurant that looks like it’s straight from your favorite film.

Yvonne spent lots of time on the water, even taking a few boat rides during this portion of her journey. According to her hashtags, she captioned parts of this ‘Eat Pray Lewks’ for all the fly outfits she was snapped in.

Next, she was off to Tuscany, which she called ‘Eat Pray Luxuriate.’ The star flicked it up in front of Tuscany’s massive doors and along some of the town’s cobblestone walkways before jetting off to Florence to get an up-close view of the Statue of David.

Being the comedienne that she is, she posted a hilarious video from Florence’s Accademia Gallery— where the statue is housed— joking that David ‘could get it.’

Florence was the last stop of the Italy portion of the adventure, and she shared that she stayed at Villa San Michel. According to the hotel’s page, it is set in the hills of Florence in a former medieval monastery. And of course, there is plenty of wine on deck!

Yvonne Orji takes Morocco

From Italy, Yvonne Orji made her way to Morocco.

She revealed that this portion of the trip really gave her time to stop and take it all in, admitting that she was even moved to tears at one point.

“I’m sure the waiter prolly thought, “this woman by herself, must be crying over something sad,” when in fact, I was just praise and worshiping over the best gift I could give to myself: Me.”

She further explained that while the scenery of where she was triggered the emotional response, it was really the feeling of being able to celebrate herself and the growth she had made as a woman, that moved her to tears.

She stayed at the Royal Mansour Hotel, and described it as ‘legit luxury at its finest.’ The hotel offers private traditional Riads on property, as well as a spa that has Hamman treatments (a spa ritual that includes full-body scrubs, baths, and more) for those looking to do a little pampering.

She rounded out the trip with a round of stunning photos and an inspirational reflection on traveling solo.

“Eat. Pray. Leave your worries behind. Solo traveling is not as scary or as lonely as it seems. Sure, at times you might miss the familiar or want to share an experience with someone else, but it’s actually quite liberating when you realize that YOU are your “someone else” and you’re worth savoring all of this beauty, all of this goodness, all of this magnificence, all on your own and that is enough in THIS moment.”