Meet The Woman Bringing A Taste Of Jamaica To Mexico City
Photo Credit: Photo by Roxanne Munson

Photo Credit: Photo by Roxanne Munson

Meet The Woman Bringing A Taste Of Jamaica To Mexico City

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Nov 23, 2020

Kingston, Jamaica native Theresa Barrett has been cooking up delicious meals since she moved out on her own. Around 7 years ago, she made the decision to relocate to Mexico to become a teacher.

Being in a new place, that isn’t necessarily keen on the cuisine she is used to, Barrett began cooking up her favorite flavors to bring a taste of home.

“One day I finally decided to share my dishes with my coworkers,” Theresa Barrett, owner of La Xaymaca told Travel Noire. “After tasting my food, they suggested that I turn it into a business since Jamaican food wasn’t readily available in the area.”

Photo by Roxanne Munson

More and more people across the city started to learn about her cooking, and many were intrigued by her Jamaican culture and the cuisine.

“I had people coming up to me asking to try Jamaican food, and I would reply “show me your money.””

Show her their money they did.

Barrett began hosting private tastings from her home in Mexico City. After building a following, she made the move of going full time in August 2018. Her customers suggested that she really get serious about the business and build marketing and branding pages on social media. Once she did that, the rest was history.

Photo by Roxanne Munson

“My original business name was Jamaican Home Cooking,” Barrett said. “But one particular customer suggested that I come with a really strong name to help me stand out. I came up with La Xaymaca which is a nod to the original name of my homeland, with a Spanish twist.”

La Xaymaca’s menu features authentic Jamaican dishes with subtle Mexican twists, since many of the spices that Barrett typically uses aren’t common in Mexico City.

She currently is only offering takeout on Saturday’s as she continues to adjust to the global pandemic. There is also an option for customers to purchase a special “chef’s choice” menu that they can pick up on different days. The menu is constantly changing and you can expect something different each week.

Photo courtesy of La Xamayca

Barrett also offers virtual cooking classes, too. She has plans to travel across Mexico for in-person classes, once it is safe to do so.

To learn more about La Xaymaca or to support the business, you can follow on Instagram at: @laxaymaca.

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