Woman Ambushes Cheating Husband At Chicago Airport And Goes Viral
Photo Credit: Anna Stills

Photo Credit: Anna Stills

Woman Ambushes Cheating Husband At Chicago Airport And Goes Viral

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jun 2, 2021

Sometimes you have to do, what needs to be done. Tiffany Coats recently took to TikTok to document how she ambushed her husband and his mistress, at the Chicago airport after the pair came back from a sneaky link in Las Vegas. The video, posted May 9, has now garnered over 3.2 million views.

According to Coats, she found out her now ex-husband had taken his girlfriend to Vegas. She decided to call the airline and get the name of the passenger on her husband’s companion ticket.

“So I found her Facebook page, contacted her husband and we both met them at baggage claim,” she wrote.

Coats, along with the mistress’ husband, met the cheating duo at the Chicago airport. But, the catch was, they arrived ahead of their flight landing so that they could position themselves in the baggage claim area where the luggage would drop. The non-cheating pair picked up the luggage before the other two made their way to baggage claim.

That’s when things got spicy.

“While we waited he went into her bag and saw she had been shopping, and gave me all her stuff she bought,” Coats recalled.

The girlfriend eventually shows up to the baggage claim area and confronts her husband for giving Coats all of her newly purchased items. The two begin to argue loudly in the airport, as the husband tries to make his way to the parking garage.

While all of this is going on, Coats’ husband is still nowhere to be found. Apparently he kept his distance as his mistress and her husband argued. According to the videos, he never showed his face. But, he did alert TSA that Coats had stolen his luggage.

“He hid from me the entire time,” she wrote.

Coats updated viewers in the final video of the story, to let them know that she did file for divorce after the incident, and that she couldn’t be happier. Several viewers agreed with her handling of the situation, some even writing that they would have taken things a step farther.

“I would’ve drained the bank account and changed the locks while he was gone,” one person wrote.

To see the entire viral video thread, you can check Tiffany’s TikTok page: @t.i.tiffany.

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