According to FlightAware, Friday flight cancellations during holidays led to over 5,100 major disruptions as of 6.30pm ET. Thursday cancellations were equally disruptive at 2,400 nationwide. Adverse weather conditions including snow, ice, rain and wind disrupted air travel as well as train travel. During the busiest period of the year, this. has caused chaos across the U.S.

CNN reports that cancellations were highest at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, New York’s LaGuardia, Chicago O’Hare, Denver International and Detroit Metro Airport.

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U.S. sees flight cancellations during holidays

What we know:

The impacts were felt most in Chicago and Denver. It has been estimated that around a quarter of arrivals and departures were impacted.

It has been confirmed that for Saturday, more than 570 flights have already been canceled. Reports show that just 10 flights have been canceled for Christmas.

Several airlines have issued weather waivers allowing travelers to change their itineraries without penalty during a short window.

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