Disney’s Welcome To Earth starring Will Smith takes viewers on a timeless adventure exploring uncharted territories around the globe.

From diving thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface to discovering the great darkness of the seafloor— the actor even follows rogue wildebeests in Africa’s plains during the great herd migration.

Of course, the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor isn’t alone. He does all the activities with experts in the respective fields, who guide him along his daring adventures.

Welcome To Earth is produced by National Geographic and delves into the wonders of planet Earth that may seem unexplainable at first glance.

The series only has 6 episodes, for now, and was put together by filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky. The Disney Plus series allows us to see a different side of Will Smith while he talks about the natural beauty the world possesses. There are many heartfelt moments shared with Smith and cast members throughout the journey.


During an episode, the man who assisted Smith while trekking on an active volcano was blind. When Smith realizes that he has to describe the destructive volcanic explosion to his disabled peer, their bond becomes stronger, and rooted in empathy and admiration for each other’s own tenacity.

The series exemplifies the importance of human connection through life-changing experiences that ground us even more to the natural world around us.

Seeing more Black travelers documented on-screen also builds representation for a group of travelers who aren’t often depicted in thrilling international escapades.

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