Why Some Black Women Aren’t Happy With The #PassportBros Movement
Photo Credit: Levi Ventura

Photo Credit: Levi Ventura

Why Some Black Women Aren’t Happy With The #PassportBros Movement

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Dec 29, 2022

The #PassportBros have officially divided our internet. A growing group of thousands of Black men is preaching to more men on social media platforms that women in other countries are the best source for a “traditional woman” to settle down with. Just follow the hashtag, and you’ll see Black men of all ages describing their experiences with the opposite sex in other countries compared to the women in the United States.

What it is:


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Most of our content on Travel Noire consists of stories of people traveling and living abroad to find inner peace and happiness as a person of color on this earth. Black people have suffered through so many forms of prejudice in the United States that we’ve sought other countries to feel like human beings. The #PassportBros movement could be seen as an annex to the same inner peace and happiness concept. A group of Black men who don’t feel needed and admired by Black women looking for love overseas. They travel to different destinations worldwide and find happiness with a partner of the opposite sex.

Women Against #PassportBros


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Black women and other women of color in America have gone to their TikToks and social media accounts to speak against the Passport Bros movement passionately. Black women in America already have so much on their shoulders; for many, this movement is the straw that broke the camel’s back.


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Most of their rebuttals are that the Passport Bros are ‘weak’ Black men that don’t know how to court strong Black women. Some women believe that the Passport Bros true intentions are to have sex with foreign women, and they’re not searching for love. Other women have gone as far as to say they are emulating their “white masters,” who have been notoriously known for “colonizing” and going to third-world countries to find submissive wives for decades. Some women stated that they’re getting foreign women at the exchange rate, as foreign women only want those men for the little bit of money they give them, and they aren’t falling in love with them either. Black women who are anti-passport bros have called these men scum, predators, and in some instances, pedophiles.


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Views From The Other Sides


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Even more interesting is the feedback from women in other countries. They are also going to their TikToks in support of the Passport Bros, stating that some women in the Western world don’t know how to ‘treat their men’. Some say American women lack femininity, and when these men get to these countries, they treat them like men “should” be treated. They proudly speak on their traditional values and beliefs even if they aren’t from countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

However, a group of Black men also speak against Passport Bros, claiming they’re just a group of guys with “no game.”  The ‘Bros’ couldn’t land a successful Black woman because they lacked intelligence. Or, similar to what the Black women were stating, the Passport Bros are a group of liars looking to sexually exploit different countries because they were never accepted in social circles where they’re from.


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Your thoughts?

No matter how you slice it, the Passport Bros movement will continue to grow. One of their Facebook groups has over 10,000 followers. Men of all ethnicities and tax brackets are taking to social media and expressing their personal experiences to the rest of the world. I’d love to know how you feel about the Passport Bros movement. Is it positive for Black men to find love in other countries, or is this just another excuse to get laid without putting in work while undervaluing Black women? Please sound off in the comments below, and be on the lookout for our next article when we get to speak to one of the vocal leaders of the #PassportBros movement.

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