The Best Neighbourhoods To Stay in Montreal
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The Best Neighbourhoods To Stay in Montreal

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Leah Jones
Leah Jones Nov 17, 2023

Montreal, the vibrant and culturally rich city in Quebec, Canada, offers a blend of historic charm and modern excitement for tourists. It is the largest city in the province of Quebec and is situated on an island (also named Montreal), near the merger between the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. The French influence in Canada is very prevalent in this city. Montreal’s official language is French, but residents are known to be fluent in both French and English. This can be very convenient for English-speaking travelers who want to experience some Canadian-French culture. The city itself is defined by historic-looking architecture, beautiful landmarks, and a vibrant arts and culture scene. This includes the many festivals hosted in the city from Montreal International Jazz Festival to the Just for Laughs comedy festival. Here’s a guide to help you make the most of your visit, including recommendations on where to stay in Montreal.

Neighborhoods To Explore

Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal)

Buildings in Old Montreal

The Old Montreal neighborhood features cobblestone streets, historic architecture, art galleries, and lively street performances. Must-see spots around here include Notre-Dame Basilica, Old Port of Montreal, and Place Jacques-Cartier. Travelers who want to explore historic landmarks and architecture should stay here.

Plateau Mont-Royal

Snowy street in Plateau Mont-Royal

Plateau Mont-Royal is an eclectic neighborhood with a unique personality. In this neighborhood, you will be met with a bohemian atmosphere, colorful houses, trendy shops, and a plethora of cafes. Places to visit while staying here include Mount Royal Park, Saint-Laurent Boulevard, and Mile End district.

Downtown Montreal

Snowy downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal has the big city, and modern vibe that a lot of travelers could be looking for. The neighborhoods include skyscrapers, shopping districts, entertainment venues, and cultural institutions. If you decide to stay here, you should consider checking out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Crescent Street, and Quartier des Spectacles.

The Village (Le Village)

Flying balloons in a street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Village is a lively LGBTQ+ community with vibrant nightlife and a welcoming atmosphere. Some must-see spots around the area would be the rainbow balls on Sainte-Catherine Street and Beaudry Metro station.


Griffintown, Montréal, Canada skyline

Griffintown is a hipster neighborhood with an easily recognizable style. It is made up of an industrial-chic vibe, trendy restaurants, and a mix of historic and modern architecture. Any artsy travelers, or simply travelers that want to experience a day as such, would thrive in this neighborhood. Some picture-perfect spots in the area include Lachine Canal and Arsenal Contemporary Art.

Where To Stay in Montreal

Old Montreal

a wide shot of Hotel Nelligan

If you have decided to stay in Old Montreal, you are in for a culture-filled trip. This area is home to some charming boutique hotels. Some of the best hotels in the area to check out include Hotel Nelligan, Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel, or Auberge du Vieux-Port.

Plateau Mont-Royal

The skyline of Plateau Mont-Royal

You are in for a memorable experience staying at Plateau Mont-Royal. This area is home to the artistic and bohemian side of Montreal, surrounded by cafes and art studios. The best hotels around include Hotel 10, Le Relais Lyonnais or Hotel Kutuma.

Downtown Montreal

Outside of Hotel Queen Elizabeth

Get a real big-city experience in downtown Montreal. Here you can stay at fabulous establishments like The Queen Elizabeth (which features a Barbie Dream Suite for Barbie lovers willing to splurge), Hotel Bonaventure Montreal or Hotel Le Crystal. These hotels’ locations offer convenient access to major attractions, shopping and entertainment options.

The Village

Pillows on a bed in a hotel

The Village is the spot for the most carefree and accepting feel during your stay in Montreal. You can also stay here to be close to the vibrant nightlife, LGBTQ+ friendly environment, and close proximity to downtown. Book your stay at Hotel Place Dupuis Montreal Downtown, Hotel Lord Berri, or W Montreal for a relaxing sleep after a full night.  


A sign on a building that says 'Hotel"

Deciding to stay in Griffintown is a guaranteed ticket to a cool, new destination. The perfect hotels to book in this area are ALT Hotel Montreal Griffintown, Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel or Hôtel Monville. These spots make for the best hotel stays if you want to explore the city’s emerging trends, enjoy modern accommodations and easy access to cultural sites.

Tips for a Great Stay

Ferris wheel in Old Port of Montreal, Montreal, QC, Canada

Public Transportation: Montreal has an efficient metro system and a network of buses. Consider purchasing a multi-day transit pass for easy exploration.

Language: While French is the official language, many Montrealers are bilingual. You can usually get by with English, but it’s appreciated if you try some basic French phrases. Try giving a language learning app a go for a few days before your arrival. 

Cuisine: Indulge in Montreal’s diverse culinary scene. Don’t miss trying poutine, bagels and local specialties like smoked meat sandwiches.

Festivals: Check the events calendar for festivals happening during your visit. Montreal hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, celebrating music, art, and more.

Weather: Be prepared for varying weather, especially during winter. Layers are key, and a good pair of comfortable walking shoes will serve you well. Always prepare clothing for a potentially rainy day.

Montreal is a city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, offering a unique experience for every traveler. Now that you know where to stay in Montreal, enjoy your stay in this dynamic and welcoming Canadian metropolis.

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