Where To Stay In Savannah, Georgia For Your Next Trip
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Where To Stay In Savannah, Georgia For Your Next Trip

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Sarah Rand
Sarah Rand Sep 16, 2023

Savannah, Ga. is best known for its historic landmarks and scenic views. It is the perfect place to take a staycation if you live in the area or get an introduction to the state of Georgia. If you are determining where to stay in the Savannah, Ga. area, this guide can help.

Southern hospitality and incredible architecture are hallmarks of Savannah’s charm and are partially credited for the ranking of number 4 city in the United States (2023). Savannah is such a picturesque destination that the city is a popular setting for films (think “Forrest Gump”). 

If a relaxed environment with coastal landscapes sounds like the perfect getaway, make sure Savannah is on your list. 

Where To Stay In Savannah Georgia 

Tybee Island District 

Tybee Island is a well-known beach destination that can be reached by train or bus from Savannah. The island is the home of the Tybee Lighthouse Museum, Tybee Island Beach and many other attractions. Visitors can enjoy many fun beach activities like dolphin watching, sea kayaking or even boating.

While visitors can expect a beautiful relaxing vacation, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is nearby so the beach area will be inhabited by a younger group at times. Whether the goal is to have an affordable and active beach trip or scope out the area for retirement, Tybee Island should be on your bucket list of places to visit during a trip to Savannah

Places To Stay In Tybee Island

Tybee Island is the closest beach to Savannah, so both locals and tourists appreciate the area. Rentals are popular options in the area and Tybee Island has more than 1,000 properties to choose from. Oceanfront Cottage Rentals has a variety of luxury vacation rental homes that vary from condos to quaint cottages to beachside mansions. There are over 500 hotel and motel rooms available, but only one beachfront hotel. The Desoto Beach Hotel has a historic appeal to it and is in a prime location for guests who prefer to be within walking distance of restaurants and shops.

Moon River District 

The Moon River District, which is just 20 minutes south of downtown Savannah, is a contrast to the more metropolitan sides of Savannah. The area has many outdoor activities and hiking is popular because the Moon River District is so picturesque. Named after the song by Johnny Mercer, this district embodies the song’s jazzy and elegant gusto.

Places To Stay In The Moon River District

Inns are the popular choice for visitors in The Moon River District. The River Street Inn has exceptional reviews and is a conveniently located historical building. This Savannah inn provides four star service and provides its guests with a serene view of the Savannah River. The Inn is decorated with a mix of industrial and antique pieces and offers spacious rooms with natural lighting. 

Gateway District 

This district is located on the busy stretch off Interstate 95 with plenty of space and activities for tourists. For solo travelers, this area of Savannah may be preferred so it is easier to keep active and occupied. Stop by the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens or shop at the Keller’s flea market to pass the time between the pub and beach front. 

Places To Stay In The Gateway District

Gateway District is a more lively part of Savannah, so visitors can expect economical accommodations. Since this area veers on the southwest edges of Savannah, the accommodations and neighborhoods are surrounded with popular restaurants. Visitors can stay at hotels like the Holiday Inn in Savannah, located 10 minutes away from the airport and the Savannah Historic District. 

Starland District 

The Starland District is known as the artsy side of Savannah which has plenty of unique shops and creative buildings to peruse. The neighborhood was designated by two SCAD students in the late 1990’s and reflects that in its bohemian style. Appreciators of vintage and eclectic spirits will flourish in this district which has plenty of shops and record stores. The Starlandia Supply, a hybrid art supply store, is one of the staples of the area that highlights the origins of the Starland District. 

Places To Stay In The Starland District 

Visitors can expect unique dwellings and vacation homes in Midtown. Starland proudly promotes local artists and businesses, which is reflected in the style of accommodations. Homes are mostly rented in this area as the district retains its charm and close knit community.

The districts of Savannah, Ga. differ but each district has something special to offer and accommodations to match the needs of guests!

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