London is a popular destination for many Americans. Along with being a mere six to seven-hour flight away from the east coast, it’s also a convenient option since it’s located in an English-speaking country (the United Kingdom), and the exchange rate isn’t too bad between the U.S. dollar and the British pound.

But for travelers, a big concern when heading abroad is finding a place to stay. Beyond simply determining if there are enough available rooms, travelers want to know if a hotel is compatible with their travel plans, close to key attractions, and of course, within their budget. Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends, your family, or on a romantic getaway, here are some of the top choices that fit a variety of budgets and are sure to leave you with fond memories.

Where to Stay in London As A Family

Whether your trip includes a small nuclear family or extended relatives for an unofficial reunion, finding a hotel that meets the needs of a wider range of travelers is critical. If you’re traveling with little ones, you’ll want to ensure that there’s a good breakfast option with foods that younger palettes can enjoy. Meanwhile, if it’s a larger group, options like adjoining rooms or suites can give everyone the space they need to spread out without feeling like they’re falling on top of each other.

Ideally, you’ll want to pick a place that’s close to the main attractions like Big Ben or Buckingham Palace that’s easy to get to. If you’re comfortable taking the Underground (mass transit), then looking for places that are close to major train stops is going to be a priority.

Best Hotels:

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate

Located in the Westminster area, Taj 51 Buckingham Gate is a luxury hotel with a range of two- and three-bedroom suites that are ideal for large families or group travelers. Meanwhile, it’s close to Buckingham Palace along with multiple tube stations and a variety of nearby restaurants.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

This is a great midrange hotel in the South Bank neighborhood that is close to a variety of popular attractions like the London Eye and Big Ben. There’s also an indoor pool which is a great way to unwind on less busy days. Choose from one- and two-bedroom suites.

Where to Stay In London for a Romantic Getaway

If you’re jetting off for a romantic getaway with your love, you’ll want a hotel with different features than a family might prioritize. Maybe you want a hotel that offers couples packages, an on-site spa, or a luxe on-site restaurant featuring multi-course dinners. You may be open to splurging since you might also decide to partake in a few date night attractions such as romantic restaurants and nightlife.

Best Hotels:

The Londoner

The Londoner is a luxury boutique hotel in Leicester Square that offers views of the London Eye while also boasting a wide array of on-site attractions that are perfect for the couple that doesn’t plan to leave the grounds very often for some much-needed bonding and romance time. From the subterranean spa to poolside cabanas, there’s plenty of opportunities to relax and recharge with your love. Meanwhile, thre’s a rooftop izakaya offering sakes by the fire pit.

The Mandrake

Located in Central London, The Mandrake is a luxury property that has created a unique oasis in this bustling metropolis. Specifically, this hotel is situated close to Soho and the West End, making it ideal for shopping the tony district and enjoying all the nightlife you can desire. Note this is a smaller hotel with just 33 bedrooms, including the three suites. There are a handful of onsite restaurants and bars, along with regular live performances. You’ll also be tempted by the Sunday brunch offering, and a wellbeing program centered around complimentary weekend yoga sessions.

Where to Stay in London for Solo Travelers

Some people love to travel alone — and it’s understandable. When you’re a solo traveller, you can come and go as you please. You can change plans without having to put everything to a vote, and sometimes when you travel alone the wait times are significantly shorter. But for travel, this also means you want to pick a hotel that’s in a safe location, still offers plenty of on-site amenities, and is easily accessible by mass transit if you prefer.

Best Hotels:

The Hoxton Shoreditch

To clarify, there are a few different The Hoxton properties across London, but the Shoreditch location is ideal for solo travellers. The rooms are a bit smaller, making them better for someone traveling alone. Yet, you’re still not compromising on amenities. The Shoreditch location is closely situated near plenty of cafes, restaurants, stores, and bars including iconic strips like Brick Lane. There are two on-site restaurants as well that serve American and Mexican cuisine respectively.

Leman Locke

If you prefer East London and a hotel that’s geared more towards the independent traveler, then Leman Locke in the Aldgate neighborhood is a solid choice. While technically listed as a boutique hotel, even the brand clarifies that these are serviced studios and apartments. Notably, the rooms here all come with kitchenettes — which is ideal if you want to save a few coins by not buying pricey dishes for every meal, or frequently have leftovers. Yet, every room has a king sized bed so you can stretch out with ease. On-site activities are designed to encourage guests to mingle. This includes food showcases, exhibitions, and even a gym, cafe, and terrace to help you break the ice.

Best Apartment Rental Sites for London

If you prefer more room for you and your crew, and accommodations that support a more independent agenda, you might be better off staying at an apartment. Thankfully, short-term apartment rentals are easy to find with a variety of rental sites that cater to the independent traveler.