Best Places To Stay In Croatia, Dubrovnik
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Best Places To Stay In Croatia, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik , Croatia
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Travel Noire Feb 19, 2019

Depending on the reason and duration of your visit, finding the perfect place to stay while in Dubrovnik may be easier than you think. Even so, you’ll still need to be aware of a few key things. First rules of the game are to know the five significant places that you are most likely to stay for a while in Dubrovnik namely; Old Town, Ploče, Lapad, and Gruz.

Staying in Old Town

If you have a short time in Dubrovnik, but you want it to be as memorable as possible, then you might want to consider staying in the hotels in the Old Town. Most of the attraction sites are centrally located here and you won’t have to travel far to cross most touristy items off your list. Surrounded by the high wall, staying in Old Town will give you the opportunity to visit as many major attraction sites as possible. Old Town is also a relatively small place that you can complete touring all the important sites by moving on foot. You also opt to stay in Old Town even if you are planning an extended and anticipate interacting with locals who are known to be incredibly friendly.


This is a small neighborhood located just outside the Old Town walls and provides the best of what this city has to offer from great hospitality by luxurious hotels to a great view of the Old Town and the sky blue water. One of the main reasons why you will like your stay in Ploče is because it is a bit more affordable than living in the Old Town. An added benefit is that you’ll avoid all the buzz of activities that are endless inside the walls of Old Town. Even more, you’ll still be able to access the historic attractions in Old City easily.


Lapad is the perfect region to stay if you’re more interested in enjoying the natural side of Dubrovnik. Located 15 minutes away from Old Town by bus, Lapad has a long beachfront that will give you a breathtaking view. It’s also the best environment to stay if you prefer having more outdoor activities. Hotels here are relatively cheaper compared to Old Town and Ploče.


Being the main port in Dubrovnik, Gruz is the first place that tourists arriving in cruise ships explore. Being more of a residential area, it is the perfect place for someone interested more in learning the ways and culture of the people of Dubrovnik. It also offers favorable prices for goods and hotels compared to most areas in Dubrovnik.

When planning to visit Dubrovnik, you need to make sure that you outline the main reasons for your visit. That should be the easiest way to identify the perfect area for you to stay. You might also want to consider the cost of hotels and apartments of the various regions.

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