Have you all checked the ticket prices for haunted houses lately? Is it us, or do you remember when you could get a ticket and snack for under $20?

Well, let’s just say the only thing $10 or $15 will get you is maybe parking. But even that’s pushing it, according to social media.

In fact, for some, the only thing frightening this year is the rising costs of haunted houses to the point people are considering staying home. Others have come up with other solutions to experience a little terror.

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Cutting Costs By Finding Terror Around Town


One idea we keep seeing is how people are [hopefully] joking about finding some scare by walking around their towns.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but please be safe.


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People Want To Know What Comes With The Ticket

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“If you’re charging an outrageous price for a haunted house, that b***h better be genuine,” one woman stated on Twitter. “The ghosts of my ancestors better be there telling me how ashamed of my life choices they are.”

And Others Are Warning How It's A Waste Of Money

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“This was an expensive visit for a serious lack of entertainment. $40 per person to get in, $30 for parking, and they had the nerve to charge $5 per person extra for what sounded like an excellent ‘Malice in Wonderland’ haunted house,” one woman said on Facebook about her recent experience. “We waited in line for that haunted house for over an hour, paid extra, and the decorations and actors were pretty much non-existent. I was also surprised that it took less than 5 minutes to walk through. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.”

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So, Are Prices Up This Year?

Stephen Welstead

Unfortunately, the prices to indulge in Halloween activities, including haunted houses, have gone up.

Sean Nyberg, a professional investor, has been tracking the price of attending Disneyland Resort’s annual Halloween event. He found that the popular fall celebration has increased by 19% since 2019, as the LA Times reports.

But unfortunately, the rising costs don’t stop there. While Halloween participation for 2022 is expected to reach pre-pandemic numbers, the average American is likely to spend at least  $100 on candy, costumes, and attractions, according to the National Retail Federation. That’s up from $86 in 2019.

How Do You Feel About The Price?

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Let’s know in the comments if you’re going to sit this year out or if you plan to pay to avoid some serious FOMO.

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