50 In 50: Scariest Haunted Houses In Every State
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Fear Overload

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Fear Overload

50 In 50: Scariest Haunted Houses In Every State

50 In 50
Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Sep 9, 2019

If you’re looking for a thrill this Fall, then consider a trip to a haunted house.

We have compiled a list of the scariest haunted houses in each state. Beware, some places are so scary, that you have to sign a waiver before you enter!


Arx Mortis, Latin for “The Castle of Death,” is the largest haunted attraction in Alabama at 50,000 square feet.

The scary attraction boasts 23 “Early-out Exit” doors throughout the attraction.


There’s a reason why Fright Nite is one of Alaska’s oldest Haunted House attractions. The staff has been serving terror since 1985.


With more than six attractions, including The Slaughter House and a Haunted Corn Maze, the Fear Farm is an award-winning attraction that’s absolutely terrifying.


Spread across 10 acres,  Swamp Walker Trail is known to be the place to engage in paintballing.  But during the month of October,  monsters are out for revenge along the trail and you don’t get weapons this time around. Good luck!  


Fear Overload Scream Park in San Leandro was awarded the scariest haunted houses in the Bay area! You’ve been warned.

Photo courtesy of Fear Overload


The Stanley Hotel was made famous thanks to the classic horror film The Shining.  October is the perfect time to experience this spooky home to experience the paranormal activity many people have encountered. 


Known as one of the best haunted attractions in New England, Trail of Terror is not for the faint of heart.


Frightland Haunted Attractions has been named a Top 10 Scariest Haunted Attraction in the country by Forbes.  There are 8 unique haunted attractions including a 2-mile Haunted Hayride, four indoor haunted houses and much, much more.


The Shallow Grave involves two haunted houses: Betrayal and Pavor Nocturnus. They were ranked 32nd scariest in the US by Hauntworld.


Netherworld in Georgia is a haunted attraction that some guests have described to be the “most terrifying experience” they’ve ever had.


Skeleton Key Hawaii has a new theme for 2019 that has not yet been revealed! In the past,  its themes have been known to take people by surprise and leave them running out of the chicken exit door. 


The Haunted World takes people through a 35-acre haunt,  spooky hostel asylum, and a corn maze with dozens of paths.   Not to get graphic, but the staff at this attraction warn that guests may need to “bring your own diapers!”


Statesville Haunted Prison has been routinely regarded as one of the best-haunted houses in Illinois for the last 20 years.   As you travel through more than 20 maximum-security cells, just keep in mind that no one escapes.

Photo courtesy of Statesville Haunted Prison


Fear Fair in Indiana pays homage to pop culture’s creepiest moments, including Fallout, Mad Max, and Frankenstein’s Army.   


Scream Acres in Iowa is a corn maze classic that’s bound to give you a haunt that you will never forget. 


3rd Street Asylum was once an asylum known to have housed some of the most dangerous and violent patients in the entire Midwest.

The asylum permanently closed in 1983, however, the building comes to life again every Halloween as a haunted house to terrorize visitors.


The Devil’s Attic blurs the line between reality and fiction.   The collection of evil souls locked in the attic are waiting to unleash its fury. 


The 13th Gate is a haunted attraction that is known for its extreme ultra-realism.  It’s one of the most detailed haunted houses in existence and where your worst fears come true. 

Photo courtesy of 13th Gate Louisiana


With its attractions names of  Scorched, The Butcher, Hobo Village, The Execution Center, Buried Alive Cemetery, The Outdoor Maze, The Boatyard, and The Clownhouse,  all we can tell you is to head to Destination Haunt at your own risk.


Bennett’s Curse promises to be the “ultimate fear experience” that keeps visitors on its toes.


Ghost Ship Harbor is the only destination haunted attraction in the Boston area and takes place on a Navy Ship with 3 scare zones. You will enter an alternate universe where only the strong are said to survive. 


Erebus Haunted is a four-story haunted attraction serving terrifying thrills and blood-curdling screams. To date, more than 7,000 victims have “tried and failed,” according to the company’s website.

Photo courtesy of Bailey Haunted Firehouse


Minnesota’s Scream Town hosts a special “lights out” evening with no lights at all. It’s so frightening; visitors must sign a waiver to attend.


Every year, thousands head to Bailey Haunted Firehouse in Mississippi to experience thrills and chills unlike anywhere else. 


Creepyworld in Missouri is America’s biggest and longest haunted scream park with 13 different attractions in one location. Creepyworld features a haunted hayride, haunted house, graveyards, haunted hospitals, haunted prisons, cornfields and yes even a Christmas themed haunted house Krampus revenge.


With a different theme every year, the Missoula Haunted House is Southwest Montana’s most terrifying Halloween attraction.


Eagle Hollow isn’t just a haunted house but it’s a scream park, so plan to spend your whole evening being terrified with its three attractions, including the  Luminon, an alien 3-D world; Darklands, a bus leaves you stranded in the dark. You must take the walking trail where evil and dark things lurk around every corner to escape; and Night Terrors.


Scares at Freakling Bros Horror Shows’ Trilogy of Terror are so frightening that kids are not permitted. Yep, that’s right, it’s Rated R adults-only experience that takes you on the road to terror.

Photo courtesy of Freakling Bros Horror Shows

New Hampshire

Fright Kingdom attractions like the Psycho Circus and Apocalypse Z makes it one of the scariest haunted houses in the region.

New Jersey

The 13th Haunted House and Escape Rooms is considered to be one of the most elite haunted attractions in the country, it should be

New Mexico

The Ghoullog has four attractions that will have your stomach turning in fear the entire time!

New York

The Blackout Horror Experience is said to live up to its name. Not only is it known as the extreme event of the year, but it’s often regarded as one of scariest haunted houses in the world.

North Carolina

Spookywoods immerses visitors in a haunted forest filled with characters from a terrifying traveling circus.

Instagram | @Spookywoods

North Dakota

Staffers at Ft. Abraham Lincoln have reported hearing strange voices and footsteps coming from within after dark, which is why come fall,  it serves a popular but terrifying attraction in North Dakota.


Ohio State Reformatory housed over 200,000 inmates over its history from 1896-1990. Today, the cells and hallways are filled with undead inmates and faucets dripping blood, turning the already creepy reformatory into a nightmare.


The chaos and confusion you experience with each step at The Sanctuary will take you closer to insanity.


Fright Town was ranked as one of the scariest haunted houses to visit by Hauntworld and is Portland’s longest-running Halloween attraction.


The Basement by Scarehouse features a series of intense and R-rated horrors that challenge the limits of fear.

You must be 18 years or older to enter this Pittsburgh haunted house attraction, and willing to sign its waiver. 

Rhode Island

Fortress of Nightmares was already scary as visitors head down the winding tunnels of  Fort Adams but with virtual reality thrown in the mix, you’re guaranteed to be scared until Thanksgiving.

Photo courtesy of RI Haunted Houses

South Carolina

The bone-chilling Fear Farm Haunted House means you have a ticket to its four creepy attractions, including the Forgotten Asylum Corn Maze.

South Dakota

The state favorite for the last 20 years is Terror in the Dark Haunted House. It’s the largest haunted house in the Black Hills region filled with 12,000 square feet of ghouls, ghosts, zombies, and vampires lurking in fog-filled halls.


It’s not a haunted house but a cave,  tour the spooky cave, which has been placed on the National Historical Register, and according to the tour guides visitors have felt sensations of being pushed, touched, or held down by a heavyweight.


Cutting Edge Haunted House is as creepy as it sounds and is where you will find thrill in every corner.


Castle of Chaos features an “underground labyrinth of classic and modern-day horror” with four levels of fear to choose from. You can even opt to keep your group completely secluded from other guests for an, especially terrifying experience.

Instagram | @castleofchaos


Imagine a place so scary that you have to sign a waiver before entering.   Well, look no further! Head to Nightmare Vermont.


There’s no better scare than a scare that involves paranormal activity, so prepare to be freaked out at Bacon’s Castle.

West Virginia

Just one minute into the Dungeon of Horrors is said to have you begging for freedom inside of this dusty jail. 


The Fright Factory in the state of Washington is the top-rated haunted house in the state for good reason.  Prepare for the fright of your life!


Visiting the Burial Chamber means a full night of fright, including ghosts, goblins, and all manners of creatures that go bump in the night.


Every year, those who dare set foot inside Nightmare on 17th Street are in for an insane ride.

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