What You Can Expect When You Visit Los Angeles’ Black Market Flea
Photo Credit: Peathegee Inc

Photo Credit: Peathegee Inc

What You Can Expect When You Visit Los Angeles’ Black Market Flea

Los Angeles , United States
Malik Peay
Malik Peay Dec 16, 2021

There aren’t many Black-owned flea markets in Los Angeles, however, the Black Market Flea is changing that with its large community-driven public shopping center. The community event was founded by Mayah Hatcher in 2021, and she holds the shopping celebration every month.

At this Black bazaar, there is a multitude of niche products, room decor, food, drinks, cool apparel, and even live music.

A group of local Black investors and organizers host the scheduled events throughout the months. The music is always booming and guests are welcomed to dance. They always end up forming lines and circles of movements that emit Black joy.


You can purchase tickets at the door or buy in advance online. The last held event of 2021 was held on December 12 and focused on the upcoming holiday season. There, you could find Black-inspired tree ornaments and Christmas decorations, that also included Black Santas.

Each flea market includes DJs and a live performance from a resident Black artist. The Dec. 12 market saw the largest turn-out to-date. The event is usually located at The Beehive off of 1000 E. 60th St.


The Black love that is on display at the Black-operated flea market can be experienced in every corner. People reconnect, mingle, and meet for the first time at the family-oriented community gathering that also includes a bar for its 21 and up guests.

It is truly encouraging to see young and old Black life come together while wearing their flashy wardrobe and natural hairstyles that have different cultural nuances from the greater African diaspora.

The creation of the flea market is a reminder of the bond that Black folk share in predominantly Black spaces that highlight unity, community wealth, and support.

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