Omakase, a Japanese culinary experience, is the latest foodie trend to hit the scene. The dining style translates to ‘I leave it up to you,’ meaning leaving the meal totally up to the chef. With Omakase, you don’t have to spend time deciding what to order at a restaurant. This experience is completely life-changing, and it is great for indecisive diners who love trying multiple flavors and want a culinary expert to lead the way.

At an Omakase experience, the chef curates the menu using the finest ingredients, while you enjoy an exceptional meal in an intimate setting. In general, you should budget to spend between $100 to $300 per person at an Omakase experience. Whether you’re taking yourself out on a date or gathering with family and friends for a celebration, Omakase is a great way to celebrate through fine dining.

If you are looking to try Omakase, Travel Noire gathered eight omakase experiences around the U.S.

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Saishin — New York City

Located on the Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel roof, a 12-course meal will cost about $135 and a 15-course meal $175. The quartz Omakase bar seats 16 guests. The restaurant honors traditional Japanese Cuisine and prides itself on mindful sourcing, quality and seasonal ingredients. 

Mujo — Atlanta’s Only Modern, Edomae-Style Omakase Spot

This restaurant is the only place in the A where you can find modern, edomae-style Omakase. Costing $225 per person, the chef uses seasonal ingredients and fresh fish flown in straight from Japan. The restaurant honors the tradition of Edomae sushi.

Hiroki — Philadelphia

Head to the Fishtown neighborhood of Philly for this Omakase concept. Chef Hiroki Fujiyama was inspired by his hometown Kyoto when putting together this menu. Omakase at Hiroki costs $155 per person. 

Akiko’s — San Francisco’s Family-owned Omakase Spot

This downtown San Francisco spot is family-owned and operated. Only the finest local and seasonal fresh fish are used and arrive daily from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market. The menu changes daily to ensure that all ingredients are fresh.

Blue Ribbon — Boston

Located at Kenmore Square’s Hotel, this menu is crafted by Master Sushi Chef Yoshi Ueki. Fish is flown in daily from the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan and local New England waters. This experience starts at $150 per person. 

Uchi — Austin, Aspen, Dallas, Denver, Houston and Miami

Originally opened in Austin in 2003, Uchi has grown to have homes in Dallas, Denver, Houston and Miami. From Dec. 14th to Dec. 17, there will be a popup at Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado, and there’s even a vegetarian-tasting menu!

Sushi Sho — Waikiki Beach, Oahu

When you’re in Oahu, Hawaii, you have to dine at Sushi Sho. Make sure to make reservations months prior because this place is always booked.

Located at the Ritz-Carlton Residences, this Omakase experience pairs different types of seasoned rice with over 40 varieties of fresh fish. This experience will cost about $300 per person. 

Soko — Los Angeles’s Omakase Spot

Take a trip to Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Los Angeles for an oceanfront Omakase experience. The menu includes fresh red snapper, tuna, yellowtail and more. This Omakase experience will cost you $185, and it’s totally worth it. 

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