Harry Potter fans are being asked to make more environmentally conscious decisions when visiting this Welsh beach.

Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales has attracted fans since 2010, the release date for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One”. In this film, viewers witness the death of Dobby the house elf, who essentially dies protecting Harry Potter. In the series, Dobby is saved from captivity when gifted a sock as a gift.

Freshwater West beach is the home to his final scene where fans last see the beloved character. It has since become tradition to leave a sock and other tributes at the site. Many visited the site specifically to honor the fictional elf with socks, shoes and other items. The site is considered a heritage site according to the National Trust. CNN reports that after 8 months of research it is clear that the risk posed by these unnatural materials is too large to ignore.

What’s going on:

According to the report, Harry Potter fans will still be able to pay tribute to Dobby the house elf. The statement reads “the memorial to Dobby will remain at Freshwater West in the immediate term for people to enjoy. The Trust is asking visitors to only take photos when visiting the memorial to help protect the wider landscape.”

Even still, the Welsh governmental officials warn visitors of the long-term effect that leaving gifts has on the beach and marine life.

“Items like socks, trinkets, and paint chips from painted pebbles could enter the marine environment and food chain and put wildlife at risk,” wrote the National Trust in a news release.

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