Earth Day is a time to pay close attention to the way we treat the planet. We only have one planet, it’s best we do everything we can to take care of it.

We should be kind to the earth all year long, but if you do honor the day, here are five major ways you can celebrate Earth Day.


Grab Your Skates

Honor the earth by skipping a day of driving or taking public transportation. Grab some skates, a bike or even a skateboard to get around and see truly your neighborhood.


Meatless Earth Day

Even though Earth day is on a Thursday this year, think of the day as “Meatless Monday“. Research some local vegetarian restaurants nearby and try out some new eats. You will be helping the earth, and you never know, you might leave with a new favorite meal.


Enjoy The Fresh Air

Enjoy the fresh air, safely of course. Our favorite activity to enjoy the great outdoors is a nearby hiking trail. Take the day to see the earth from a higher level as you hike.


Become A Plant Mom or Dad

Find a Black-owned plant shop and become a plant parent. Did you know 70,000 plant species are utilized for today’s medicine?


Tap Into A New View

National Geographic is set to release a docuseries on whales for Earth Day. The series will air on Disney+ and will tap into the history and live action views of humpback whales, beluga whales, orca whales, and more.