For most people, their phone is their lifeline. This is especially true when traveling. Phones aren’t just for snapping great travel photography, they can also serve vital functions. This includes translations if you don’t speak a language and directions for navigating a new place. It’s also an essential accessory if you’re traveling solo. 

It’s important to keep your phone protected, especially from water damage which can completely ruin your phone or at least make it inoperable for a few hours. If you plan to go hiking, kayaking, or any activity where water is involved, a solid waterproof case is an absolute must. These offer your phone an added layer of protection. The options range from a floating case to an attachment that’s ideal for scuba diving.

Case-Mate Waterproof Floating Pouch

This case isn’t just adorable and available in a range of colors, it’s also waterproof and floats. In the event that you drop your phone in water, Case-Mate’s pouch floats to the surface for up to 30 minutes. It also protects phones from sand or snow. Though your phone is securely in the case, you can still scroll away and snap any pics. 

Syncwire Waterproof Pouch Bag

Here’s a waterproof pouch that doesn’t just hold your phone but other valuables as well. It comes in a two-pack and the interior is spacious enough for a variety of phone sizes, cards, IDs, keys, and more. It can even fit a tablet. Valuable contents are secure via the velcro closure and the material is screen-touch friendly. 

SeaLife Underwater Smartphone Scuba Case

For outdoor enthusiasts, specifically, those who love scuba diving or snorkeling, this SeaLife case is a worthwhile investment. It utilizes a super-strong sealing mechanism and is waterproof up to 130 feet. You have easy access to all of your necessary buttons and there’s also a large shutter. The case even includes access to an app that makes it easy to review your footage. 

Pelican Marine Waterproof 5L Dry Bag

When a small case isn’t sufficient for your outdoor adventure, Pelican’s dry bag is a top-rated fan favorite. It has a 5L capacity to keep your gear, like towels or a change of shoes, nice and dry. The bag is waterproof for up to 30 minutes. The external pocket fits smartphones up to seven inches tall and is touch-screen enabled. The dry bag also has a removable shoulder strap.

OtterBox iPhone 13 Case LifeProof FRĒ

Whether you’re team iPhone or Android, you’re probably no stranger to OtterBox’s cases. This case is a part of the LifeProof collection. It’s great for everyday use and is waterproof for up to about six feet. Your phone and its ports are also protected from dirt, dust, snow, and ice. The case comes in a few different colors and a range of phone sizes.

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