Whether you’re a seasoned artist or have casual interest, sip and paint events are a fun way to let your creative juices flow without pressure. Great music, good vibes and an alcoholic beverage take off the edge, and you may surprise yourself with what you’re able to produce.

Sip and paint events are popular in cities around the world. If your travel itinerary permits, an afternoon or evening of painting and sipping is a great way to meet new people and hone your art skills.

While all sip and paints share the same basic idea, each one has a different vibe. If you aren’t comfortable doing in-person activities yet, take a virtual class. Unlock your inner Basquiat against the backdrop of trap music or R&B. Or you can show appreciation of the nude human form by painting a live model.

Here are ten businesses and events to check out.

1. Paint ‘N Pour


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Tinesha Sharpe was inspired to start her company in 2018 after a sip and paint date failed to impress both her and her companion.

She told Black Enterprise, “no mixers were provided, so we were left to paint without the ‘sip’ part, which really put a damper on the experience for us.”

Paint ‘N Pour invites participants to try their hand at different kinds of painting, from Impressionism to Pop Art. Take your pick of tasty appetizers and drinks, from margaritas to beer.

There are locations in Harlem and Lower Manhattan.



2. Muse Paint Bar


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Muse Paint Bar has quite a few locations throughout New York, Maryland, Virginia and New Hampshire, among others.

Here, you can find your creative voice under the guidance of a trained instructor.

Reserve your seat at a public event, host a special occasion, or sign up for a virtual class.


3. Paint N' Sip Live


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Want to try your hand at painting, but can’t be asked to actually go anywhere? No worries. These painting classes are all virtual.

Paint alone or do it with friends- it’s up to you. If you don’t have art supplies, you can order them from the website, and they’ll be delivered on time.

There are themed events which might interest you, including Caribbean, Classic Rock Night and Hip Hop night.



4. Paint, Sip, Socialize

Do you live in the Atlanta metro area and want to paint while listening to trap, hip-hop and gospel? Paint, Sip, Socialize is just for you.

Enjoy a laid back, festive environment with the structure and direction of an art class. It’s BYOB, and you’ll have to bring your own snacks.

Dress however feels comfortable for you and be sure to book a class in advance, as they fill up quickly.



5. Sip N' Stroke

The name of this UK-based business sounds suggestive, but it’s not. There are locations in London and Birmingham, and The Culture is at the forefront.

Purchasing a ticket grants you access to the event, painting supplies and the after-party. You can also purchase drinks and snacks on site.

The host/instructor presents a theme for participants to follow, but if you want to do your own thing, you can.





6. Sips of Art


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Sips of Art is committed to creating spaces that center the human figure. Particularly, the human male nude.

According to the Instagram page, Sips of Art creates “experiences that are upbeat, unforgettable and pearl clutching.”

Tickets include painting supplies and a canvas, but you’ll have to bring your own refreshments.

Make sure the refreshments include water; you’ll need it after seeing the models for sure.




7. Pinot's Palette


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This franchise had humble origins in Texas and expanded across many states and parts of Canada.

As the website says, “we love being your go-to spot to relax, unwind and let loose. From date nights to birthdays and bachelorette parties, our paint parties are a unique way to celebrate all of life’s special moments – even if the occasion is just called Friday.”

8. Be You


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How about a sip and paint experience while on the water? That’s possible thanks to Captain Nashawn Taylor, who has over a decade of sailing experience.

Taylor, an artist herself, thought to combine art with her love of sailing and Be You took off in Maryland. Guests can paint while cruising along the Potomac River.

Taylor told Travel Noire, “I liked the water so much that I decided to get my own boat. That’s when I decided to do paint and sail because I realized no one else had that.”

The reviews, which you can see on the website, are glowing.




9. The Paint Sesh

This California-based company was founded by local artists.

In addition to the “sip” events, some are 420-friendly, but you have to bring your own weed or edibles.

While there is no pressure to get tipsy or high, some artists find that it helps silence their inner critic, so they can enjoy creating.



10. Arte Y Vino


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Art and Wine offers events in Barcelona and Madrid, two cities which are works of art themselves.

The website says in Spanish, “durante dos horas y media aprenderás a pintar un cuadro desde cero, mientras disfrutas de buen vino y buena compañía.”

That translates to: “over two and a half hours, you’ll learn to do a painting from scratch while enjoying good wine and company.”

Your reservation includes all art materials, great wine, water, snacks and quality instruction.