Captain Nashawn Taylor is driving the boat of Sip & Sail, an experience she says you’ll likely not find anywhere else in the country.

As the founder of Be You!, she wanted to put both her passions and hobbies together that would allow people to sip and sail.

“I’m an artist, and I’ve been doing art all my life and I also love the water,” she told Travel Noire. “I’m a police officer by day and have worked on the marine unit patrolling the water. I liked the water so much that I decided to get my own boat. That’s when I decided to combine my experiences and decided to do paint and sail because I realized one else had that.”


Taylor says that her model stands alone and based on her research, she is the only one with a unique sip and sail experience on the east coast.

Based in Maryland, guests can expect to paint on wine glasses, which will start on the pier before taking off to sail for the yacht party.

“It’s all about expressing yourself,” she said. “It’s about enjoying your freedom, and your time. It’s more than just doing a boat charter. By booking with us, you’re getting an amazing sightseeing tour along with the painting.”


Be You! offers two options for your yachting experience. The “luxury” yacht comfortably seats eight guests, while the larger “lavish” yacht offers more dance floor and open-air deck space.

Taylor and her team also work with caterers to offer food on the yacht and music on board.

“It’s a one-stop-shop where you have the artistic portion and the painting on the water.”

You can book the experience all the way into fall but her slots fill up quickly. To book or learn more about the experience, click here.