For those who’ve ventured into the heart of New Orleans, the significance of its cuisine to American culture becomes abundantly clear. Their unique interpretation of Southern Cajun fare stands as a culinary marvel in its own right. Bursting with an array of flavors and a symphony of spices, New Orleans’ gastronomic offerings are nothing short of captivating. It’s this unparalleled combination that propels the city into a league of its own as a global hub for sought-after brunch experiences.

Here’s list of the finest brunch destinations that New Orleans has to offer.

Elizabeth’s Restaurant

Photo credit: Elizabeth’s Restaurant

Located in Bywater, Elizabeth’s curates morning comfort. This establishment became a revered sanctuary for indulgence. Praline bacon and exquisite bloody Marys tantalize the senses, setting the stage for a ritual that fuses opulence with tradition. The menu is a lyrical homage to Southern heritage. It features fried chicken livers and eggs that unite poultry’s succulence with the embrace of farm-fresh eggs.

The Peacock Room

Photo credit: Peacock Room

Within The Kimpton Hotel, the Peacock Room exudes an aura of sheer allure that’s impossible to miss. Boasting an atmosphere reminiscent of a Hollywood Speakeasy, it’s a place where swank and style meld into one captivating experience. The brunch menu strikes a harmonious chord, earning applause from locals and tourists alike. The Peacock Room is also one of New Orleans’ most Instagram-worthy brunch spots.


Photo credit: Apolline

Located in the picturesque uptown of New Orleans, Apolline offers a brunch experience that marries local flair with international inspirations. Set within a meticulously restored double shotgun cottage, the ambiance is nothing short of charming. The menu, a tantalizing symphony of flavors, takes center stage.

Apolline’s brunch isn’t just about indulgence. It’s an ode to the heart of New Orleans’ culinary heritage. With global influences subtly woven into every dish, each bite becomes a journey. Amidst the quaint interiors of this elegantly renovated cottage, patrons can savor the fusion of local ingredients and international finesse. 

Commander’s Palace

Photo credit: Commander’s Palace

Commander’s Palace stands as a pinnacle of indulgence with its renowned Jazz brunch. Every Sunday a symphony of flavors that echoes with the rhythms of New Orleans.

Located in the Garden District, this historic family-owned gem resonates globally for its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Chef Meg Bickford weaves her culinary artistry into Commander’s Palace jazz brunch. It features remarkable creations, like the Breaux Bridge crawfish strudel and the unforgettable cochon de lait eggs Benedict.


Photo credit: Brennan’s

A timeless gem, Brennan’s has graced the dining in New Orleans since 1946. Embracing the art of fine dining amidst an ambiance that exudes classic charm. Steeped in tradition, this establishment delivered an elevated dining experience, becoming a staple for those seeking to make an impression on clients or family.

With an array of Creole delights, Brennan’s presents a sumptuous menu that ranges from omelets to the savory allure of Eggs Sardou and the ever-classic Eggs Benedict. In the heart of the French Quarter, Brennan’s invites patrons to partake in its legendary brunch experience. Embark on this culinary journey, as the flavors of Creole cuisine intertwine with the elegance of an establishment that has been refining the art of brunch and dining for generations.