Game Over: How Virgin Voyages Raised The Bar For Millennial And Gen-Z Cruisers
Photo Credit: DT

Photo Credit: DT

Game Over: How Virgin Voyages Raised The Bar For Millennial And Gen-Z Cruisers

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 6, 2021

Two words, Virgin Voyages.

This trendy cruise line is yet another brainchild of Sir Richard Branson and his selection of travel brands. The newly launched Scarlet Lady ship began sailing just a few months ago out of Miami, and it is already raising the bar for cruising.

But, that’s kind of expected from a Virgin brand. We recently reported that Virgin introduced ‘VIP sections’ on its planes, and Branson is even launching commercial space flights after his trip earlier this year.

You can opt for a 4 or 5-night sailing that stops either in Nassau, Bahamas or Costa Maya, Mexico. All sailings spend a day at the brand’s super dope private beach club in Bimini, Bahamas.

You’re probably saying, what makes this cruise stand out from the rest, because they all have the same things, right? Not exactly.

Photo by: DeAnna Taylor

Many travelers aren’t quite ready to get back to cruising with the state of the world, and that’s totally understandable. Before you can even sail with Virgin, you must be fully vaccinated. Once you are at the cruise terminal, you must take a rapid COVID-19 test— provided by the brand— and when you receive your negative result, you are allowed to board. The results come back in less than 30-minutes.

Additionally, all the ship’s crew members are masked during the duration of your sailing, and according to the company they are also tested weekly to ensure guest safety.

If this hasn’t sold you, don’t worry, we have a few more things to tell you about the 17-deck ship. From the included Wi-Fi, so you can give your friends who backed out FOMO in real time to a high tea that will make you feel like you’re in Britain, here are 10 ways that Virgin Voyages is changing the game for cruisers— especially millennials and Gen-Z’ers.

1. Adults-only...enough said

For starters, Virgin Voyages is adults-only. Yes, no kids are allowed. While we’re still waiting for adult-only flights to become a thing, this gives us hope that the idea is not too far off. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Branson or another airline brings it to life.

And, if you are a parent, it will feel good to take a few days away from your favorite little people for some adult turn-up.

2. The endless photo ops

In this age of social media and perfectly curated Instagram feeds, Virgin understands the importance of getting ‘the shot.’

That’s why the design team sprinkled tons of photo worthy spots all throughout the Scarlet Lady. From colorful, risky murals like the ‘Lick Me Til…Ice Cream’ to an entire hallway that looks like it’s made from diamonds leading to the ship’s nightclub (The Manor), you will definitely want to pack all of your good ‘fits’ for this one.

3. Elevated craft cocktails

Now, this is no shade to any other cruise line, because they all have something special. But, Virgin has curated an elevated craft cocktail and beverage program for its fleets— and it’s not just the typically frozen daiquiri or Miami Vice.

We’re talking extensive wine lists, lots and lots of champs, fresh mocktails like the basil lemonade, and even Korean soju cocktails in the K-BBQ restaurant on-board.

The cocktails are an extra fee (around $10- $15 each), so just keep that in mind as you prepare for your trip.

4. You simply 'shake for champagne'

If you love a good glass of bubbly, your dreams have come true.

While on-board, you mostly use the Virgin Voyages app to get things done. One of those things is being able to literally shake your phone while the app is open, and a crew member bringing you a bottle of Moet in a cute red ice bucket— literally anywhere on the ship. It’s like ringing a bell and having your personal champagne server.

Of course, the champagne does cost, but it’s fun to be able to get champs on-demand. It will definitely make you feel fancy.

5. Hammocks on all ocean-facing room balconies

Want to take your relaxation skills to another level, we highly suggest booking an ocean-facing cabin. While the morning ocean sunrises are absolutely breathtaking, the real winner is the on-balcony hammock that you’ll honestly want to spend most of your time in.

It’s the perfect spot to cozy up with your favorite book and simply unplug.

6. Wellness options for all fitness styles

Are you the type who likes to workout on vacation? Or have you been saying you’re going to jump start your fitness regiment?

The Scarlet lady has fitness and wellness options for all fitness types. From a boxing ring overlooking the sea and a colorful basketball court, to sunrise yoga on the deck and a bungee group fitness class that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Of course, there is also a traditional indoor gym, too if you want to keep it simple.

7. Private beach club in Bimini, Bahamas

Most major cruise lines have private islands in the Caribbean that they stop at during the sailing. For Voyage, they have created a private beach club on one of the Bahamas’ most exclusive islands— Bimini.

The Bimini Beach Club has tons of loungers, day beds, an insane amount of giant pool floats, and plenty of food and drinks. The vibes are definitely on point.

8. A world-class spa

Relax. Relate. Release. As millennials and Gen’Zers we definitely understand the self-care assignment.

While on your cruise, you can book world-class spa treatments including bamboo massages, body scrubs and wraps, as well as facials.

Not to mention, the on-board spa has cold plunge pools, a mud room, a Himalayan salt room, a steam room and sauna. You can use them all as much as you want for 3-hours when you book a treatment.

9. 20 total dining options all included

Foodies, we’ve found the thing for you! The Scarlet Lady has 20 dining options including 6 upscale options like Pink Agave (Mexican), Extra Virgin (Italian), and the interactive Test Kitchen. Oh, and Virgin is said to be the only cruise line with a Korean BBQ restaurant ‘at-sea.’

The main ‘dining hall’ isn’t the traditional cruise buffet. Instead, there are individual stations such as a ramen counter, a bento box counter, an almost 24-hour made-to-order pizza restaurant, and even a fun Ice Cream shop.

The other great thing is that there are plenty of options for vegans/vegetarians, those with dietary restrictions, or even someone just wanting to keep it light

10. Not your average theater shows on-board

Don’t expect the cheesy family-friendly game show on this cruise. Because it is adult-only, Virgin has no problem in bringing the adult-focused content.

From a Cirque du Soleil-style show to an interactive sex/comedy show that passes out gold condoms— you will definitely be entertained and maybe even clutch your pearls a few times.

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