The passing of iconic designer and creative director Virgil Abloh was a shock to everyone. Abloh was a pioneer and tastemaker who certainly left his mark on not only the fashion industry and Black creatives, but the world.

One of his last projects was a collaboration between Nike and Louis Vuitton. He put his own spin on the Nike Air Force 1 for Louis Vuitton, and the sneakers are now on display at a pop-up exhibit in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. 

The “Dream Now” exhibition at Greenpoint Market is free to the public and is open from May 21-31. 

Image: Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh’s legacy 

There are 47 styles of Air Force 1 sneakers with Louis Vuitton patterns. Abloh put his touch on all of the styles, creating a beautiful harmony between the two brands. 

You can find high-top sneakers with the infamous LV logo or low-tops in bright colorways. There’s even a sneaker covered in pink faux fur. There are 3D holograms of each sneaker located next to the real sneaker. 

Image: Louis Vuitton

An interactive exhibit

The exhibit has a treehouse that visitors can go into to get a better understanding of Abloh’s process during this collaboration. Inside the treehouse is a replica of Abloh’s mood board, a turntable, and a short film. The treehouse is a representation of immigrant children of colors’ dreams being realized. 

Throughout the exhibit, you’ll see questions such as “Who did it first? Where did they get the idea? Is it new?” and “What is a myth, and what is reality? 

If you’re not able to visit the exhibit, there are globes around NYC, which symbolize Abloh’s passion for connecting and unifying people. You can find these globes at Domino Park in Brooklyn, Columbus Circle, and Grand Central Station. 

The collection was originally set for a late 2021 launch, but was delayed after Abloh’s passing. This year makes 40 years since Nike released the Air Force 1 sneaker. 

Image: Louis Vuitton

Are the sneakers for purchase?

Nine pairs of the shoes will be on sale and produced in quantity. The low-top styles will retail for $2,750 while the mid-top sneakers will retail for $3,450. The other sneakers will go into the Louis Vuitton archives. All sneakers will be made in Venice, Italy at Louis Vuitton’s Maison Manufacture.

There is currently a pair of Louis Vuitton Monogram Brown Damier Azur listed on StockX for $210,000. Earlier this year, Sotheby’s auctioned 200 pairs of the Monogram style. $25.3 million was raised and proceeds will benefit Virgil Abloh’s Fashion Scholarship Fund “Post-Modern” for Black students.

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