Avid travelers know that a successful trip is often led by being prepared. From creating an itinerary, booking flights and accommodations, and penciling in trip dates well ahead of time, there is plenty to do. But there is much more to do to feel properly prepared to have adventures or truly relax while abroad. While the technical stuff is important, so are things like packing. 

Overpacking and underpacking are some travelers’ worst nightmares, and rightfully so. Overpacking can mean harsh baggage fees that may even disturb a once-sound travel budget. Underpacking may leave travelers without their necessities or outfits for solidified plans. Thinking very technically when it comes to packing can be a big help. 

Yet, there are so many guides to travel organization and packing that travelers may feel overwhelmed. However, social media has opened up the floodgates for travelers to share their insights and personal preferences for travel prep. In a recent video on TikTok, for example, one traveler shares how he packs for travel. Check out the viral travel packing list, which has reached nearly nine million views, that travelers are flocking to use for their next vacation. 

The Viral TikTok on What to Pack

Luke Scarpino (@luke.scarpino) has a checklist that he religiously uses for travel. The viral travel packing list provides an organized template that makes it easier for him to be on the go with ease. In the original video, he goes into detail about how he uses spreadsheets to pack for travel efficiently. Scarpino even keeps track of items, what bags he brings, and where he packs items. This can prove especially helpful in the case of lost baggage. 

For Scarpino, the travel packing list is an incredibly valuable resource. It helps to remind him about the important things to bring on trips. The TikToker even mentions how some friends think his consistent use of the travel packing list is laughable. But since he has a self-proclaimed Type A personality and travels for leisure occasionally, Scarpino is seemingly just ahead of the curve. 

The viral travel packing list helps him stay organized and has gained the attention of millions online, including huge brands. Travel brands like Tripadvisor, Google, Booking.com, and Hilton interacted with the TikTok video that delved into the viral travel packing list. With the newfound appreciation from the world, Scarpino has shared a free template that travelers can use. 

The Packing List 

While staying organized may not be at the forefront of travelers’ minds with the hustle and bustle of arriving at a travel destination, perhaps it should be. At a minimum, this viral packing list will help travelers keep their travel stress down and simply enjoy their time away. 

The list is pretty easy for travelers to access if they are interested in adapting his template. Scarpino has added the list to his website and TikTok bio link. The list is available for free online and travelers can even watch a tutorial on how to build their own from scratch.