We’ve saved you the hassle of having to search through the best destinations for Black travelers this April 2022 and shared these top locations.

Looking at a combination of high/low season cities, seasonal events and, of course, the reality of traveling while Black, we’ve scouted out these best destinations. April is looking adventurous, and we’re glad for it.

1. Paris, France


Paris in the springtime is a combination we don’t need to tell you about. With the city warming up and the morning strolls for coffee and baguette seeming more scenic now that the trees are no longer bare, Paris is, as they say, always a good idea.

There is always so much to do in Paris, you’ll feel this whether it is your first time or your 50th visiting. Aside from wandering the stylish European city, we recommend using this particular trip in April to check out Wings & Chill, a popular Black-owned, Parisian chicken spot.

2. Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul made the list for Black-traveler-friendly destinations in April for many reasons, mostly though because it is a tried and tested location full of things to do and places to fully relax – guilt-free – with a Turkish tea in hand. In April especially the Istanbul Tulip Festival takes place all through the month making it a must-see city full of fragrant and perfectly pretty tulips, adding to the richness of the already decadent Turkish city.

Travelers should also note that it is an ideal time to explore the city, just before the high season begins in May and crowds start to really pick up.

3. Essaouira, Morocco


Considered to be the laid-back alternative to Marrakech, Essaouira is somewhat a hidden gem that Black travelers shouldn’t skip out on. Being able to enjoy a less crowded Moroccan city and still take in the beautiful cites such as Bab Doukkala mosque and the main medina.

You could even head down to Essaouira’s port for a straight-from-the-sea lunch for a perfect springtime holiday vibe.

4. Bocas del Toro, Panama


Island vibes, gorgeous beaches, rainforests and surfing galore – Bocas del toro is a go-to destination this April. Just before the rainy season truly sets in, Bocas del Toro will attract many Black travelers hoping to enjoy Panama’s laid back Caribbean side.

With strong African influence, it makes for an ideal place for Black travelers to indulge in Panamanian Caribbean culture while connecting further with the diaspora. We suggest spending at least a week in Panama’s famed archipelago off the northwest coast of Panama – this should be enough time to take in the tropical goodness (and get your starfish obsession out of your system after visiting Starfish Beach countless times).

5. Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


If you’re looking to mind your business while taking in the calming breeze and serene landscapes, then booking that flight to Guatemala seems wise. The very opposite of a city escape, a perfect April destination for Black travelers craving a nature getaway is Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. Being described as the world’s most beautiful lake, this volcanic lake is a bucket-list destination that will energize and charm you, and maybe even convince you to extend your trip.

Not only are Black travelers falling in love with Guatemala at record rates, but the country in April also comes alive beyond all imagination. Enjoying Semana Santa (Holy Week) in this Central American country could only bring unforgettable sights and experiences.

6. Alberta and British Columbia, Canada


Missed your chance to indulge in some winter skiing activities? Don’t even worry about it, Alberta and British Columbia in Canada awaits, offering you an April full of snowy promise. With world-renowned landscapes and breathtaking views, Black travelers can guarantee a good (and less expensive) time sunny skiing, enjoying cozy nights by the fireside and morning hikes.

Stay in the freshness of the mountains and breathe in the crisp air before preparing for the warmth and promise of springtime – a perfect farewell to winter.