Unvaccinated travelers are now able to visit Bermuda. Restrictions have lifted for unvaccinated travelers as of August 22nd, according to the Bermuda Tourism Authority

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Why Bermuda is lifting restrictions

“The pandemic is not over, but today, Bermuda has the necessary tools and processes in place to protect ourselves and our communities,” says BTA Interim CEO Tracy Berkeley. 

Berkeley goes on to say, “Our updated travel protocols will streamline the process for visiting our island, further boosting Bermuda’s tourism comeback in 2022.”

The new process for traveling to Bermuda

Prior to restrictions being lifted, unvaccinated visitors over the age of 12 were required to apply for a vaccination medical exemption before entering Bermuda.

Unvaccinated travelers will have to take a COVID test within 48 hours of landing in Bermuda. They will also have to test on day four of their stay in the country. 

Travelers can test at the airport if they don’t take a test within two days of arriving in Bermuda. They must have valid health insurance and upload proof of insurance to their Bermuda Travel Authorization application before traveling. 

Check out Bermuda Tourism for more information. 

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