Unruly "Karen" Wishes Death On Passengers While Being Booted From Spirit Flight
Photo Credit: Brice Cooper

Photo Credit: Brice Cooper

Unruly "Karen" Wishes Death On Passengers While Being Booted From Spirit Flight

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jan 24, 2023

An unnamed woman dubbed “Karen” got a little too spirited on a Spirit Airlines flight, resulting in her being removed by officials.

The incident was recorded and posted to TikTok by user yutaka021. The caption reads, “Karen says, ‘I hope y’all crash and die!’ on #spiritairlines and pilot goes after her. And now there’s a four hour delay!”

“Miss ma’am bouta be on the FBI no fly list,” wrote one shocked TikTok user.

However, the woman was asked to leave before she issued the threat, and the actual reason for her dismissal is unclear. In the footage, she’s seen charging down the aisle with her belongings, a male companion and security in tow.

The plane sat on the tarmac at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas as the drama unfolded.

As of now, Spirit Airlines has yet to issue a statement.

The Threat Got The Woman In More Trouble

The reason why the woman was asked to leave isn’t clear. However, she certainly didn’t help her case when she started shouting as she was leaving.

After one passenger booed her, the woman snapped, “Boo, you b*tch! If you were in my position you’d do the same thing.”

The “I hope you all crash and die!” statement was followed by several gasps from passengers and a few nervous chuckles.

The Pilot Was Not On Board With The Antics

We mean that literally. Nobody was more incensed than the pilot, who sprung into action immediately.

According to the Daily Mail, “The pilot can be seen standing up from his seat in the cockpit and marching out of the plane behind the woman.”

Some believe he wanted to get her put on a permanent No Fly list.

There's Been An Uptick In Unruly Passengers On Planes

There’s no question about it–some people just don’t know how to act on an airplane. Travel Noire has reported incidents of unruly passengers more times than we can count. The ongoing COVID era seems to have brought out the worst in people. And just about every time, it results in the unruly passenger being removed from the aircraft. In some cases, they are banned from flying and may even face legal action or fines.

The Independent reported a sobering statistic from CNBC.

“75 percent of the Federal Aviation Administration’s unruly-passenger reports since 1 January 2021 on airplanes have started with people who didn’t want to wear their masks and escalated from there into profanity, shouting matches, and even physical violence.”

The Daily Mail added that, depending on the severity of the passenger’s actions, “fines can be as high as $37,000.”

TikTok Users Weighed In

As per usual, some brought levity to the situation. Others said they would have left the plane after hearing the threat. There were also those who wondered what the woman did to necessitate being booted in the first place.

Ondeck15 wrote, “No cap. I’m probably getting off and getting a different flight. I don’t play like that.”

“Spirit Airlines has Waffle House vibes,” wrote Aedolin.

O’livia wrote, “Not the pilot goin’ after her and everyone oooing like kids!”

ShannonKiaraa wrote, “The pilot said OHHH HELL NAW.”

“Pilot went after her like he was school principal,” said somebody else.

Devon D. Bates wrote, “What she said raised my blood pressure and I’m sitting on the couch!”

Liger cracked, “she won the battle with that last one. But lost the war.”

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