Traveling in style is surely the best way to travel. Whether you’re taking a red-eye fight to Paris or a 9-hour flight to Honolulu, flying is a luxurious experience in and of itself. Offering elevated and refined flights, United is one of the world’s best airlines with various elevated and comfortable flying options such as United Premium Plus and United First to name a few. From the moment you step on board, United Premium Plus ensures a seamless journey from start to finish. So with that being said, is it really worth it?

Ahead, we’ll break down everything you should know about United Premium Plus and whether or not you should try it yourself.

What is United Premium Plus?

Simply put, United Premium Plus is the airline carrier’s entry into premium economy seating. This category is usually only available on domestic transcontinental flights, as well as select long-haul international flights. It sits below United Polaris (the brand’s premium bridge product that covers first and business class) and Economy Plus. It is two levels above regular economy seating. A key feature is that coveted bonuses like food and premium beverages are included in the price of a ticket — rather than being for purchase like in regular economy or Economy Plus seating.

United Premium Plus Offers Spacious Seating Arrangements

One of the many perks of having United Premium Plus is of course spacious seating arrangements with extra legroom and wider seats, providing a more comfortable flying experience. Travelers familiar with United’s first class domestic product will recognize the seating in United Premium Plus. This seating category is usually found on the Boeing 777-300ER, 777-200ER, and 787-10 aircraft. In most cases, Premium Plus is located directly behind Polaris. Seats often come with additional features such as adjustable headrests, built-in footrests, and ample reclining options, allowing you to prioritize comfort to the next level. However, travelers desiring lay flat seats should upgrade to Polaris which is the only category on United to offer this seating configuration.

It Offers Elevated Service With Personalized Attention

Passengers with United Premium Plus can enjoy an elevated level of service. With dedicated flight attendants to cater to every need, the options for a seamless flight are almost endless. Flight attendants are trained to meet each passenger’s preferences to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. On international flights this includes Saks Fifth Avenue bedding along with an amenity kit that contains a sleep mask, a pair of earplugs, socks, toothbrush and noise cancelling headphones for TV and games? Yep, a 13-inch seat-back screen is also included and provides in-flight entertainment options to keep passengers entertained.

It Gives Access Sleek On-the-Ground Perks

As a Premium traveler, passengers are also granted access to United Club airport lounges which includes light bites, a fully stocked bar, and a comfortable place to relax before boarding the plane. But the benefits begin as soon as travelers arrive at the airport. First, United Premium Plus travelers can access the Premier Access check-in and security lines where available. Travelers can also take advantage of two free checked bags. Note though that lounge access is not always guaranteed. Complimentary United Club access is confirmed for select international routes but is available at a discounted rate for domestic routes.

In addition to in-flight and lounge experiences, Premium members can also take advantage of priority boarding which includes advanced access to overhead storage and expedited baggage handling, which means Premium Plus ticketed luggage is the first to arrive at its destination

United Premium Plus vs Premium Economy, MileagePlus, and United Explorer Cardholder Benefits

Compared to United Economy Plus, United Premium Plus is a massive upgrade for on-board and in-airport amenities. A comfier seat, more baggage allowance, along with included meals and premium beverages set it far apart from Economy Plus. The Economy Plus ticket simply offers more leg room but still requires patrons to pay for snack boxes or premium beverages. However, United MileagePlus members or United Explorer credit cardholders already know that having status or a branded credit card provides many of the built-in perks that sidestep the somewhat hefty fee United Premium Plus tickets require. Key benefits like a complimentary checked bag for the member or cardholder plus travel companions, automatic lounge access, boosted mileage accrual, and automatic upgrade opportunities for business or first class seat assignments (when available) are attractive options for MileagePlus members and cardholders.

Is United Premium Plus Worth It?

Savvy frequent travelers know that being loyal to a specific airline or alliance (Star Alliance for United Airlines) or holding a branded credit card are the best ways to consistently access benefits, splurge on premium tickets via mileage redemption, and rack up additional value-added features. So these travelers may feel it unnecessary to pay the full value ticket price for a Premium Plus ticket when they can use miles or complimentary upgrades to access it instead. However, agnostic frequent flyers or those without United branded credit cards can bypass the necessary mileage accrual or annual card fees by simply purchasing or upgrading an existing ticket to United Premium Plus on available routes.

Designed for those seeking an enhanced experience, United Premium Plus is perfect for business or leisure travel while combining comfort, attentive service, and lux amenities to make any journey more comfortable and stress-free. Whether a MileagePlus member, United Explorer cardholder, or someone that’s simply looking for the best deal with comparable benefits to competitors, United Premium Plus is a solid travel product.