On May 2, Sefton Park in Liverpool will be hosting the first non-social distanced music fest after the global ramifications of the coronavirus. The normal conditions of a post-pandemic future is approaching and the United Kingdom will be leading this first test of a non-social distanced, unmasked musical outdoor event that has attracted thousands of concert-goers.

While COVID-19 cases decline in Europe, there is a push for the return of crowded social events specifically at music venues.

More than 5,000 attendees at the Festival Republic promoted music festival will be able to roam freely unmasked and will not need to adhere to pandemic-related social distancing regulations. This lack of requirement for protective face masks is to prove to other government officials that massive public events can be allowed in the very near future worldwide. The rapid distribution of vaccines will surely make gatherings at large event centers a possibility.

Photo Courtesy of Martin Lopez

Festival Republic will be partnering closely with the British government to make sure all festival-goers receive a negative COVID-19 test prior to entering the festival. There will be a Coronavirus test and tracing program at the entrance for the Events Research Program to monitor the results while observing the influx of ticket buyers getting checked into Sefton Park.

There has been success in other countries like Spain where 5,000 event goers attended a musical festival in Barcelona while being equipped with heavy duty facial masks and a confirmed negative COVID-19 result. The United Kingdom will be the first to take on this initiative towards a maskless future.

Only Liverpool citizens and residents are capable of purchasing tickets for the Sefton Park musical festival and there will be more global concerts and multi-day events if this pilot concert proves to be safe for all of its attendees.

Although, large-scale events are on the horizon, there will be a long ways to go before the entire world is allowed to reopen considering the different cases of COVID-19 variants that are exploding in other countries. Same-day testing and vaccine’s being given out to all ages will certainly allow for the reinstitution of a fully functional world.