Vaccine passports are quickly becoming part of the new normal in the travel industry.

On the heels of the news that Israel would be requiring a green pass to gain entry into multiple leisure activities and that Hawaii is considering its own version, the European Union has announced that it is launching a vaccine passport.

The ‘digital green pass’ will allow those who have taken the full dose of the vaccine to travel more freely throughout the continent. While this is positive news for those countries hoping to restart their pandemic-stifled economy, concerns have been raised by several leaders in Europe about data protection and the potential for discrimination.

France and Belgium are among the countries questioning security issues surrounding the passport.

There is also a chance that the new digital green pass will extend to countries outside the European Union. The EU Commission has pledged to work with the World Health Organisation to facilitate the involvement of other nations.

More details will be released later this month, with June looking like the earliest possible date for the launch.

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