Indoor Events Return To Los Angeles’ Nightclub And Bar Scene
Photo Credit: Modesta Zemgulyte

Photo Credit: Modesta Zemgulyte

Indoor Events Return To Los Angeles’ Nightclub And Bar Scene

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Apr 7, 2021

Los Angeles, California is slowly allowing the return of indoor events while COVID-19 restrictions loosen. Thousands of vaccines are distributed daily and cities are entering the orange tier.

On April 15, many of the gatherings that were prohibited due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus are going to be able to fully operate with masked attendees.

With concert goers adhering to COVID-19 health guidelines, social outing norms are on the horizon. There will be capacity limits and most event tickets will be sold in advance to avoid the crowding of event participants.

City officials say that events will likely only be for California residents and there will be designated areas for unmasked activities such as drinking and eating. The capacity cap for Los Angeles County events will be 15% and if attendees are tested or fully vaccinated, then this could increase to 35%.

The yellow tier will allow events to be held at 50% capacity if all event goers are vaccinated or tested.

For large venues, the capacity is 2,000 meaning that juggernaut music festivals will have to be outdoors to fully operate. It is recommended that venues control the crowd by having separate sections for groups to enjoy their experience.

Indoor events are looking into having vaccinated sections where people would bring their vaccination cards so that they can remain safe even in proximity to other vaccinated attendees.

This special vaccination seating is widely used as an incentive for residents to take advantage of the coronavirus vaccination opportunities to achieve herd immunity quicker in California.

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