Let’s face it, all the airlines have been having a horrible year. Whether it’s employees not showing up for work, lost luggage, or, in some cases, even the planes failing to show up at the gates, it’s safe to say it’s been pretty tough. On the bright side of things, United Airlines has decided to show a little humor for the holidays, poking fun at one of its rivals, Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Seating Process

Notgroupc.com supports Southwest’s process of not assigning a boarding number to customers until they check in. If anyone has flown with Southwest before, you know the experience is similar to The Hunger Games when it comes to seating. Travelers are called on based on their group and position number, not a specific seat. Of course, as mentioned in the name of the website the last group is Group C. 

United Lending A Hand

Witthaya Prasongsin

To help Southwest customers avoid getting into Group C, the website schedules a “courte-c call.” The call is a reminder to tell customers to check in. United also chimes in by telling customers they let flyers choose their seats in advance, unlike Southwest.

United Pokes Fun

“Once upon a time, a Southwest flyer forgot to check in exactly 24 hours ahead of their flight. And ended up in the dreaded Boarding Group C. Dun dun dunnnn,” United wrote on the site.

“But — plot twist — we’re here to help you avoid that fate! Our Courte-C call system will give you a ring before your check-in time so you can do your best to avoid a less-than-desirable seat… Thanks to the airline that lets you choose your seat in advance. *cough cough* United.”

United's Marketing Strategy

United Airlines
Tim Gouw

Maggie Schmerin, managing director of marketing for United, referred to the website as “a lighthearted alarm to remind travelers who may not choose United that there’s an easier way to travel,” according to Travel and Leisure.

Ideally, the next time these travelers are flying, they won’t need to check in 24 hours before or risk being in Group C, because they will have chosen to fly with United and not one of our competitors,” stated Schmerin.

Southwest Appreciates The Courte-C

Southwest also responded, “It’s fun seeing another airline reminding our Customers to check in for their flights,” as reported by Travel and Leisure. “It’s a great courtesy they’re extending to Southwest’s loyal Customer base, and we appreciate their hospitality.”

Although United is having a good time at Southwest’s expense, customers should be aware that they can choose their seats on Southwest, it just requires an extra fee.

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