Nothing beats a good drink, especially on a warm summer day. However, finding unique bars and restaurants that offer both Instagram-worthy pictures and the perfect night— are extremely hard to come by.

No worries, we did the work for you! Here are some of our favorite unique bars across the U.S. that will surely make any of your friend ask ‘where are you?!’

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Tunnel Bar



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Tunnel Bar is actually a remodeled vintage train tunnel that happened to be converted into Northampton’s most popular bar.  It is known for its oversized martinis that range in adventurous flavor.

Vin De Syrah

If you’re looking to take a blast into the past through a childhood classic, Vin De Syrah is it. This Alice in Wonderland-themed bar starts off with an adventure.

The hidden bar has a secret door and clues for its entry. Once inside, you will enjoy the live music, tarot card readings, and an extensive wine and cocktail menu.

The Library Bar


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The Library Bar is located in one of the most popular hotels in New York City, The NoMad Hotel. What’s a better conversation starter than a bar set in the middle of an old-fashioned two-story library?


The Safe House

The Safe House is a spy-themed bar with locations in Chicago and Milwaukee. The entry alone is an experience, as you have to go on the hunt for a red door and complete a test upon arrival.

Recommendation: Order the “danger zone” for a modern take on the sangria.

Beetle House

Everyone’s favorite Halloween movie is brought to life! Tim Burton’s ‘Beetlejuice’ inspired Beetle House to celebrate Halloween every day. The bar and restaurant has locations in NYC and Los Angeles.

Recommendation: If you are looking for a small intimate bar, head to the NYC location.


Wreck Bar

Wreck Bar, in Ft. Lauderdale, is literally your own personal pirate ship. Visitors to the bar get to experience what it would be like to dine on a pirate ship, while they sip on cocktails that resemble the tropics.

To top it all off, the bar has “mermaids” swimming throughout the bar.

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