Travel isn’t immune to trends. Even though the world is massive and diverse, it can often seem like everyone is flocking to the same destinations at the same time. Santorini has gotten so popular in recent years that the influx of tourists have had an impact on the island’s infrastructure, while Cuba is still hovering at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list, but if you want to skip the crowds and be ahead of the trends, these are the five places you should visit instead.

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Réunion Island

Travelers wanting an African island escape are flocking to Mauritius, Zanzibar and Seychelles, but its Réunion Island that should be on the top of your list. A four-hour flight from Johannesburg, Réunion has a deep African, French and Chinese history and is surrounded by natural beauty including active volcanoes and waterfalls. It’s also affordable for being such a tropical location, which is good news for your wallet.


Koh Rong, Cambodia

One of Cambodia’s largest islands, Koh Rong is still largely undeveloped and free of major hotels and groups of tourists, but that will soon change. The island has a nice selection of bungalows for visitors, small eateries and nightclubs, but the rise in local construction is a sign that Koh Rong will be a choice hot-spot in no time.


Located in the French Caribbean, Guadeloupe is made up of five islands and has plenty of accommodations and activities for visitors, though it’s still relatively unknown to the masses. The island has long been a popular destination for the French, but once more people hear about the pristine beaches, boutique lodgings and incredibly welcoming atmosphere, expect the beaches to be lined with more Americans.

Basel, Switzerland

Basel is one of the world’s leading art capitals, yet not many people talk about visiting the charming city. Steeped in Medieval history and architecture, the city is near the borders of Germany and France, sits on the Rhine River, and is home to Europe’s largest concentration of museums.


Chiang Rai, Thailand

Bangkok and Phuket dominate the conversation when talk turns to Thailand, but Chiang Rai is packed with so many hidden gems, gorgeous temples, great food and affordable accommodations that it’s only a matter of time until it becomes a favorite destination in Thailand.